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By padrinan from PixabayHave Manchester United made a mistake in appointing Solskjaer? | Sunday Supplement | Full show

Neil Ashton is joined by Dominic King, Vaishali Bhardwaj & Shaun Custis to discuss:

Have Man Utd made a mistake?
Is finishing second a success?
What is going on at Bolton?
Norwich and Sheff Utd PL-bound
Montenegro’s punishment
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Essential vitamin to conceive pregnancy?

Essential vitamin to conceive pregnancy?

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In this video, I am sharing information about Vitamin D, it is one of the most important vitamins to conceive the pregnancy. Vitamin D stimulates the other hormones, as well as it supports the pregnancy by the implantation process. Based on research if vitamin D level is high then there are double chances to conceive the pregnancy as compared to those who are deficient of vitamin D.

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By rawpixel from PixabayWhat Your Nails Say About Your Health

Today, nails are mostly regarded as a purely aesthetic feature of our bodies. In fact, it is estimated that the global nail polish market will reach up to $15.55 billion by 2024. However, it turns out that your nails may not just be a platform for contemporary design but also a mirror of your general health status. Sometimes, a problem with nails can show a serious medical condition. A change in the color and texture can be the sign of a lung, heart, or nervous system disease.

We at the Bright Side believe that it is always easier to cure an illness if you can spot it early. Your nails are not just a beauty accessory. They are closely connected to the systems of your entire body. Here are some signs that the state your nails could be signaling health problems.

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The texture of your nails 2:28
Nail growth 3:40
Other nail features 4:51
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– In most cases, yellow nails indicate a fungal infection. If not treated in time, this condition can worsen, and your nails can even acquire a greenish tint and become crumbly.
– White nails with a strip of pink at the top (“Terry’s nails”) can be a sign of congestive heart failure, kidney failure, diabetes, and some liver problems such as hepatitis or cirrhosis.
– Dark red nails may indicate that you have heart disease. If the redness extends to the sides of your nails and cuticles, this might be a sign of an autoimmune disease called lupus.
– Brittle, split nails are usually linked to hypothyroidism, a condition in which your thyroid works too slowly.
– Vertical ridges are usually a normal sign of aging, just like wrinkles on your face. But if they become prominent at a young age, this might mean that you’re suffering from a vitamin B12 or magnesium deficiency.
– Nail pitting may indicate skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis. It can also be an early sign of connective tissue disorders such as inflammatory arthritis, a disease that affects your joints.
– Spoon nails (“koilonychia”), a phenomenon whereby your nails look like a spoon with raised ridges and a scooped-out depression, may be a sign of hemochromatosis.
– Nail clubbing appears when your fingertips become enlarged and your nails curve downward. This kind of nail growth can be a sign of low oxygen in your blood, which is usually caused by lung disease.
– Dark vertical lines extending from the cuticle to the tip of the nail may be a sign of subungual melanoma, a really dangerous type of skin cancer.
– Although most people believe that white stripes (“Mees’ lines”) signal a calcium deficiency, that’s not actually true. Those white discolorations on your nails usually indicate an imbalanced diet lacking in protein.

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What Vitamin C Can Contribute You


Vitamin C, which is likewise known as ascorbic acid, is one the most capable nutrients for the human body. This vitamin is as well risk-free to consume and is essential for the growth, development and fix of body tissues. Further, higher blood levels of Vitamin C can be an index of total health. This vitamin is likewise used to keep cardiovascular ailments, stroke, cancer, eye disease and skin wrinkling.Vitamin C is also needed in some body parts, such as development of collage, absorption of iron, wound restoring, upkeep of cartilage, teeth and bones and the immune system. This vitamin can be acquired in citrus fruits, such as lemons, oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, limes, mandarins and others. Veggies and some other fruits that can yield Vitamin C comprises of tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, raspberries, cauliflower, cabbage, peas, rutabagas, broccoli, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cantaloupes, kiwi, papayas, potatoes, paprika and watermelon.Since Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin, consumption of it in large amount is not good as the body gets rid of it. The body is not capable of restoring this vitamin for a long amount of time. On this remark, you have to have Vitamin C on a everyday ground.Some Other thing that should be noted is that when you boil foods that comprises this vitamin, you may lose it. Yet, when you boil a cabbage in a soup, you will have the vitamin of this vegetable in the broth. You should not also soak or store fruits or even veggies in water because they might get rid the vitamin C that manner. In short, the fresher cut the veggie or fruit, and the less cooked, the more it bears Vitamin C.Some new studies have expressed that Vitamin C responds with and neutralizes the toxic byproducts of fat metabolic process in human. This presents that this vitamin has a complicated particular part in fighting toxic compounds organized from oxidized lipids. Interestingly, oxidation of lipids has been great to some research in previous years because of its preponderant role in the development of cancer, heart disease, autoimmune disorders and Alzheimer’s disease.Vitamin C is likewise needed by the human body when the immune system is weak because of strain. This is a leading problem of a lot of individuals now. Vitamin C is sensible to tension and this is easily broken in alcoholics, smokers and obese persons.Deficiency in this form of vitamin can lead you to have  a condition known as scurvy, which is often associated by swollen and bleeding gums, weakness,  and loss of teeth, bleeding under the skin, weariness and yet depression. Deficiency of this vitamin can likewise cause slow curing action of skin wounds.Now that you recognize the rewards of Vitamin C for the human body, you should determine your dieting if it contains the required amount of this vitamin. The current US Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for this vitamin C is 60 mg, although a tiny amount of it may be enough if carried in a multi-supplement that as well consist of citric acid and/or citrus bioflavonoids), which aid in absorption.Source: Free Articles from

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Vitamin D for the Disabled

Perhaps, the most important source vitamin D is sun exposure. The sun’s ultraviolet rays cause vitamin D synthesis in the skin. Ten to fifteen minutes of sun exposure at least two times per week to the face, arms, hands or back without sunscreen is usually enough to provide adequate vitamin D. Also, it is very important for individuals with limited sun exposure to include good sources of vitamin D in their diet.

According to the article “Vitamin D Gains Favor as Health Key” by Tim which was posted on February 29, 2004 at, emerging research indicates that vitamin D is more important to our health than previously thought, leading an increasing number of scientists to challenge whether the fear of sun exposure has made us cover up too much. Doctors are finding an increase in vitamin D deficiencies, even as researchers discover remarkable results from the vitamin that affects nearly every tissue in the body.

Did you know that the best known activity of vitamin D is its role in maintaining the bones? It functions by increasing the uptake of calcium from the intestine through interaction with the parathyroid glands in controlling bone resorption and serum calcium levels. The skeleton is the body’s reservoir of calcium and provides calcium through resorption of mineral when serum levels of this essential element drop. It also increases reabsorption of phosphate by the kidney tubule, and may directly affect the osteoblast, the cell which forms bone.

This might be the foremost reason why the five patients in Buffalo have decided to take a chance on large doses of vitamin D through sun exposure for a longer period. Scientifically, sun exposure has been proven to be one good source of this vitamin that’s why they have recovered easily and said goodbye to their wheelchairs. They can now perform their normal activities without any pain in the soonest possible time.

Imagine how vitamin D has changed the lives of these disabled people. Truly remarkable, right? In recent years, vitamin D has gained increased respect and attention. Its biological role is now known to extend beyond regulation of bone mineralization and serum calcium levels. Research also suggests that vitamin D may help maintain a healthy immune system and help regulate cell growth and differentiation, the process that determines what a cell is to become.

And considering the case of the said Buffalo patientsComputer Technology Articles, vitamin D will continue to be an important vitamin to all of us – especially to those persons with disabilities.


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By evitaochel from PixabayStart a Healthy Lifestyle in 2018! Fitness Tips + Recipes!

are you ready to start a healthy lifestyle in 2018!? fitness tips + recipes are coming your way!! let’s do this 2018!! we’re going to make this new year the BEST yet! 🙂
Instagram @CAMBRIAJOY | Weekly fitness tips, soul encouragement, healthy recipes + more!

Vital Proteins Matcha Collagen

remember that being healthy isn’t just about how you look. living a healthy life starts on the inside ~ you are made for more than just perfecting the image in the mirror. xo


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