Find out why Vitamin supplement is so important!

Vitamin A is perhaps one of the most important vitamins you need to consume as part of your diet, simply because it performs such a range of functions in the body. This vitamin supplement is extremely important for pregnant and breast feeding women as it performs the immunity function. Numerous studies have been conducted to understand the significance of Vitamin A in the body. Some go on to suggest that regular and balanced consumption of Vitamin A helps in high mortality. However, this is still being studied.

Lack of Vitamin A in the body can cause conditions such a night blindness where the vision gets impaired in the nights. Children below the age of five are the most likely to be affected as a result of deficiency of Vitamin A. Most of the times, this deficiency arises because of inadequate consumption of the vitamin supplement.

Vitamin A source is abundant. Different foods act as a vitamin supplement. Some extremely popular Vitamin A source includes carrots, cottage cheese, milk, broccoli, butter, mango, sweet potato, papaya, apricot, pumpkins, peas, dandelion greens and a range of other fruits and vegetables. The Vitamin A source can be easily incorporated in your daily diet. Of course, the important thing to remember is that even these Vitamin A source needs to be consumed in proper amounts, and one shouldn’t take an overdose of them. These vitamin sources need to be part of a balanced diet.

Another very important vitamin supplement is liver, including cod liver oil which is extracted from the liver of the cod fish. Besides boosting memory power, cod liver oil is also an important vitamin source. It has been consumed for years at an end because of its constitution of Vitamin A. Consuming this as a Vitamin A source helps in building immunity and preventing infections.

Fish oil that is extracted from the liver and associated liver products is also said to have a high concentration of Vitamin A. Consuming fish oil too helps in building immunity within the body and protecting the body from infections. However, like with all other Vitamin A sources, fish oil particularly shouldn’t be consumed excessively. Another main nutrient in fish oil is omega 3 fatty acids, if which when over consumed, can adversely affect other organs like the heart. Overconsumption of Vitamin A could also be dangerous and lead to a condition called hyper vitamins is A.

In case of primary or secondary deficiency of Vitamin A, medication can always be provided. However, this isn’t recommended very highly, especially when Vitamin A sources can be found so easily and in a number of foods. A balanced diet with all the necessary nutrients, and importantly vitamins, help the body grow and develop properly and protect you from almost every possible infection and keep you naturally healthyScience Articles, instead of relying on medication.

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