Vitamin C Deficiency & Symptoms

Vitamin C is a vital nutrient and its deficiency can have many adverse effects on our body. There are many symptoms which directly indicate towards a deficiency of vitamin C. Intravenous vitamin C is an excellent treatment that can provide the required amount of vitamin C directly into our bodies.

A person who is suffering from a vitamin C deficiency usually develops a wide range of symptoms.


Here are some of the most common symptoms which indicate directly towards the shortage of Vitamin C in the body.


This is surely the most obvious symptom of Vitamin C deficiency. Chronic pain in the limbs or joints can occur and trouble an individual who is suffering from Vitamin C deficiency.


A frequent change in mood is often a major indicator of Vitamin C deficiency. If affected, a person becomes irritable or short tempered.


Another common symptom is fatigue and tiredness. Someone suffering from the deficiency of vitamin C will become easily tired and have minimum energy left in his/her body to perform daily tasks. Since chronic fatigue symptom is related to many illnesses, it becomes hard for the doctor to figure out vitamin C deficiency on this symptom.


A common symptom of many diseases, weight loss also occurs in a person who is suffering from vitamin C deficiency.


It’s a clear sign that a body is not getting adequate amount of vitamin C when hair and skin of an individual starts becoming extremely dry. This condition also occurs due to deficiency of other essential vitamins and minerals.


People who are dealing with a vitamin C deficiency start getting bruises easily. Excessive bruising is a clear indicator that the chemistry of a body requires extra attention and care.


If a person lacks the required amount of vitamin C in his or her body, then as a result the body faces negative impact in its healing and fighting power against wounds or infections. In some cases, even the immune system of the body also gets affected due to deficiency of vitamin C.


For healthy teeth and gums, a daily and prescribed dose of Vitamin C can give wonderful results. However, deterioration of the gums can occur in case of vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C deficiency causes periodontal problems, which if neglected can develop to a disastrous level. This deficiency was called as scurvy when it usually occurred among mariners who had almost zero availability of required nutrients due to long trips at sea. Nowadays, it is a rare but frightening disease.


Treatment For Vitamin C Deficiency


GenerallyScience Articles, deficiency of vitamin C is cured by providing supplements or food products which are rich in this nutrient. Intravenous vitamin C treatment is one of the most reliable and effective treatment through which high doses of vitamin C can be directly given to any individual’s body. Consult a qualified doctor to know more about Intravenous vitamin c treatment today!

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