Small variety vitamins have important health value

The vitamin has risen for the first category of health food products. The health food industry’s annual consumption of variety vitamin raw materials is over 20 billion U.S. dollars. In 21st century, in addition to the VC, VE, beta-carotene and other bulk vitamins are continue sold to international market in recent years. As the deepening of life science research, scientists have found out many original vitamins which were not very important have health value. They add a potential powder for development of health food market.

Lycopene from tomatoes. Since the 1990s, the health effects of lycopene began to be taken seriously. Scientists will be summarized to 1, the prevention of prostate enlargement, prostate cancer, lowering blood pressure; 3, breast cancer prevention. In addition, it also has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and other important physiological activity. Because biotin and lycopene is GRAS, the world’s consumption of lycopene surge in production has exceeded one thousand tons, amazing momentum of development.

Vitamin B12 is actually a vitamin old products, the dosage is not only in the past few decades. In recent years, medical researchers found that: the elderly long-term lack of VB12 will cause the body called homocysteine physiological substances increased, and ultimately lead to stroke or myocardial infarction. And vice versa is not easy stroke. Therefore, the health department has from VB12 recommended one of the three nutrients must be added for the elderly.

Lutein a carotenoid substances in some natural plants such as spinach, the highest content of senecio cabbage and marigold. About 10 years ago, scientists discovered that lutein may protect the elderly due to macular degeneration caused by blurred vision phenomenon. Sharp rise in the popularity of this discovery to make lutein. It is understood that foreign lutein by the total number of health food has reached more than 100 kinds. The main raw material of lutein on the international market, there are two kinds, one for natural lutein, is a synthetic lutein. Abroad also recently been reported that common in the elderly in the prevention of eye diseases cataract, lutein, lutein as a newly developed vitamin product market prospect is very broad.

The astaxanthin original Department extracted from shrimp. In recent years, mainly extracted from farmed seaweed algae. According to scientists, astaxanthin is a potent antioxidant. The more interesting report is that astaxanthin has a unique effect to improve vision, are a natural eye care vitamins raw materials. Many people due to the prolonged use of eyes and vision are severely damaged. Astaxanthin has the increase in ocular blood flow and retinal rhodopsin synthesis and other physiological effect, it can directly improve the vision. Astaxanthin has now become the United States, Japan and other countries important to eye health food raw materials. They have bright market prospects.

Other small varieties of vitamins with potential development prospects include: vitamin P, inositol, water-soluble vitamin K, niacin / niacinamide and pantothenic acid and so on. In summaryBusiness Management Articles, the original small variety vitamins in the 21st century will become a new bright spot in markets of international pharmaceutical and healthcare products. Source:

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