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Vitamin E is very stable, pale yellow, to heat, ultraviolet light, etc. are not sensitive to light, in the cream of the dosage 0.5% ~ 5.0%, absorbed through the skin to reach the dermis. Its core role as antioxidants. Skin absorption of vitamin E can have two ways, first is the absorption of the skin surface, from the skin to reach the dermis; the second is through the skin to reach the hair roots dermis. Vitamin E can be absorbed through healthy skin, astaxanthin which is to increase tissue oxygen utilization and good capillary circulation is necessary. Have enough evidence that vitamin E in the body cells, tissues subjected to internal metabolism and external environmental stimuli produced by free radicals, can play an important protective role. Currently, vitamin E cream to add in the very common, mainly used to improve dry skin, moist, soft skin. B vitamins in cosmetics applications: rice bran content of B vitamins are also very rich, some analysis of wild Japanese company built a water-soluble extract of rice bran “RICEO-EX” found that the products containing 100 g of B vitamins respectively VB17. 2 mg, VB20.6 mg, VB610. 2 mg, the content of other B vitamins are also very rich. Vitamin VB6 (nicotinamide) and VB3 were in the anti-acne and whitening, the application of the treatment of acne has long been reported, but large-scale applications in cosmetics still in the early stages. VB3 and vitamin C together, can effectively inhibit the generation of melanoma cells. In addition most of the B vitamins have anti-inflammatory effect.Phytic acid, also known as phytic phosphate, formula C6H8O24P6, widely found in plant seeds, glutathione is a by-product through the fine grains extracted from natural products processing. Phytic acid as a yellow or brown rice slurry liquid, phytic acid is almost not to separate the free form, and to calcium, magnesium and its salts (ie, phytin) is widely present in plants, with the highest content of rice bran (6 % ~ 10%).In daily chemical industry, phytic acid can cure acne, skin and blood circulation; phytic acid complex has a good free radical scavenging effect, to prevent pigmentation, including the preparation of applications in addition to dandruff shampoo, shampoo, and inhibition of skin discoloration of the skin care lotion.As contained in rice bran antioxidants and skin blood circulation can promote the functional components of very rich, cosmetics material so the rice can be directly used as cosmetics. 1 000 g rice bran obtained with 0. 4 L of water washing, filtration, steam at atmospheric pressure to rice bran 14 h, dropped to 40 , inoculated with Aspergillus, at 30 insulation 20 h, then slowly rose to 40 , they immediately slow down to 30 , maintained at this temperature for 44h, removed, with 40 hot air drying into powder. Take the rice bran powder 50, 20 soluble starch, stearic acid, 6 copies, 1 cholesterol, triethanolamine 2.5 cent, spices 0.2 cent, with distilled water into a paste, which was skin-care products.

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