The role of vitamin H

Promote the growth of the organization, the
most important function of vitamin H is to ensure proper growth of a number of
organizations, it is not only to help manufacturing the DNA of fatty acids, and
other necessary nucleic acid, can also help the growth and replication of
cells. Vitamin H helps hair, skin, nails, sex organs, blood cells and bone
marrow growth at a more basic level, vitamin H is required for gene
duplication, gene level of vitamin H cells (DNA replication and gene
expression) the process is essential. Such as the thyroid, adrenal, nervous
system and reproductive system normal depends on an adequate supply of vitamin

Maintaining the blood sugar balance,
vitamin H helps to maintain a stable blood sugar level. Vitamin H by improving
the levels of insulin to regulate blood sugar. So diabetics can improve blood
sugar content of Vitamin H to treat diabetes.

To promote the conversion of energy,
vitamin H is an indispensable substance of fat, protein and amino acid
metabolisms. The metabolism of these substances is indispensable in normal life
activities, vitamin H can promote the metabolism process, at the same time, the
vitamin H can also promote the conversion of glucose, make the body is able to
produce enough energy to avoid fatigue and maintain normal energy consumption.

Maintain skin health, lack of vitamin H can
lead to dry skin scaly, so vitamin H also be used as cosmetic raw material in
beauty products, beauty products containing the active ingredient of vitamin H,
helps to keep the skin healthy.

The Vitamin H relieve muscle pain and
depression, is a white to pale yellow powder, according to the studies by biotin
, it can intake from brown rice, wheat, strawberries, grapes,
beer, liver and other food, can relieve expectant mothers’ prenatal depression.
Promote the formation of a fatty acid, vitamin H in the process of fatty acid
synthesis as a component of acetyl-coenzyme A carboxylase function. In the the
glucose synthesis process, as a component of the pyruvate carboxylase function.
Transfer carbamylated enzyme, purine synthesis, glucose metabolism, tryptophan
decomposition work and interact with other vitamins. Accelerate the detoxification
of the body, Vitamin H also known as coenzyme R, is a coenzyme, which means it
can speed up the body’s biochemical processes, so as to promote the body’s
detoxification, make the body more healthy.

In addition, the scientists through years
of research, found that biotin is the savior of bald family, not only to
prevent hair loss and promote hair growth, but also to prevent the modern
common juvenile white hair. Also play an important role in maintaining the
health of the skin. About the efficacy of neuroleptic system has not been
confirmed yet, but to the depression, insomniaPsychology Articles, there are having good effects.


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