Will We Truly Benefit From Nationalized Health Care?


In the United States there is a feeling that a nationalized health care plan is the answer to our failing health care system. People seem to believe that the proposed health care plan is going to provide insurance to all American’s. Ironically nationalized health care is not really going to provide most Americans with any better health insurance coverage then they currently have and for those who think that nationalized health care is going to save them it is important to look at the picture.There are actually many foreign countries that are using a nationalized health care system right now but don’t believe that it is a savior and many are moving away from this type of health care coverage very simply because it reduces the level of care and attention that people are able to get. In a nationalized health care system everyone gets health care however there are still only the same number of medical doctors and specialists to help this increasing numbered of patients. As a result there are people waiting in line for days to get just one of the few appointments that are being passed out each and every day.While there are so many people and not enough doctors there are still problems with even more to see who is on top of their field and specialists in neurology and cancer can take years to get an appointment with. In many cases, people die before they get to see these specialists.In the United States is even more interesting, though, because this new health care proposal does not propose to do much to help people give more health insurance coverage. Sure, there are few groups that will receive some benefits from the new plan, but then the downside is also taking away the right to choose not to have health insurance and this can be a very unfair that those who choose not to charge the purchase of private health insurance or through their employer. This seems a bit ‘absurd.Overall, health insurance coverage is something that most people if not all people need to have but forcing people into a system where there will be too many patients and not enough health care professionals will be a dangerous place for the government to be. Mandated insurance coverage is an interesting concept and while the government may see it necessary to help keep costs down overall this seems at the very least to be an infringement upon a person’s right to choose. This issue is being explored in the court system currently and the question is still pending.
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