5 Reasons Vitamin Water Is Not Good For You

Vitamin water has recently hit the market claiming to contain lots of Vitamins and minerals and is termed as “healthy” by many. But the fact that is completely ignored is these Vitamin water drinks come with high amount of sugar that when consumed can lead to many health conditions. To be frank, no on actually needs these excess nutrients added to the Vitamin water.

Here are 5 reasons why Vitamin water are actually bad for your health.

What exactly is Vitamin water?


It is a beverage that is initiated by the Coca-Cola company. There are many varieites added to it with people-attracting names such as ‘focus’, ‘defence’, ‘endurance’, ‘refresh and so on. The company claims to include Vitamins and minerals in this water along with natural colors and flavors.

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Not many realize but Vitamin water is also loaded with added sugar especially fructose that has been linked with many health problems when gulped down in excess. There is another Vitaminwater product called ‘Zero’ that has no added sugar. Instead it contains erythritol and a refined sweet compound that has been extracted from stevia plant. The above reasons, in a good way do not apply to Vitamin water zero.


Top 5 reasons why Vitamin water is not good for you



BottomlineScience Articles, Vitamin water and its owners (Coca-Cola) has been sued for fraudulent and deceptive health claims about Vitamin water leading the public to thinking it was a healthy beverage.


Sadly many people fall for the marketing ideas and do not realise the dangerous side making it too late for them to reverse the effects.

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