Best Vitamins for Our Body


Though we have our daily food, it does not mean we have sufficient intake of vitamins to keep our body healthy. Most of the foods we take are junk, consumed for taste and not health. Vitamins are necessary for our body, as they strengthen and boost our body by bettering our immunity. A multi vitamin supplement gives our body the required nutrients in right level. Taking a vitamin supplement will spare you the trouble of consuming food which you do not like.Each vitamin is endowed with its own merits. A- Vitamin is an antioxidant which can avert cancer. It is effective in treating skin problems like acne. Cherries, liver, broccoli and carrots contain good quantity of A-Vitamin. However, if an overdose of the vitamin happens it will result in fatigue, dry skin and nausea. B-1 Vitamin eradicates respiratory issues, acne and fatigue. Food items that are rich sources of B-1 Vitamins are turkey, broccoli, nuts, eggs and peas.Vitamin B-2 is good for pregnant ladies in the course of their pregnancy. Women who suffer from lack of blood or anemia in pregnancy will find the vitamin useful. This vitamin is good in curing injuries and irritations in the mouth. If your body lacks in Vitamin B-2 the signs are sleeplessness, burning sensation in the eyes and cracked lips.Vitamin B-3 controls the degree of cholesterol in our body and is useful to treat vascular and heart problems. The compound known as Niacin in B-3 is used to treat schizophrenia. The vitamin will help people with conditions like fatigue, sleeplessness and poor concentration.B-4 also called adrenine, assists in preventing tiredness and also fortifies the immune system. It is also beneficial if you suffer from allergies, anemia and infections. A cure with B-4 assists children with growing up issues. Current studies reveal vitamin B-4 is helpful to people with cancer.Vitamin B-5 is contained in almost all the food items we take. The vitamin transfers carbohydrates present in proteins to energy. It is extremely useful in post surgical procedure. It is good to treat obesity too. An over dose of vitamin B-5 results in diarrhea.B-6 plays a vital part in the conversion of carbohydrates in to proteins. The vitamin has been found useful in cases of depression. People with signs of PMS, depression, nausea or vomiting find the vitamin useful. Nevertheless, consult your doctor before you administer the vitamin.Source: Free Articles from

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