The Truth About American Bodybuilding Supplements

The Truth About American Bodybuilding Supplements
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This video is an authorised cut version from the popular documentary “Bigger Stronger Faster” Sourced from the producers of Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11 – Presented by Syn-Tec Sports Nutrition.

This documentary exposed the unsavoury behind the scenes antics that are common place within the unregulated USA dietary supplement industry Highlighting many misleading promotional and advertising tricks that are use to deceive “You” the customer.

Before buying any dietary supplement look at the nutritional panel and see just how much of each ingredient you are actually getting if the product doesn’t provide an exact ingredient quantifying list and only states a “Proprietary Blend” Then start asking questions.

Syn-Tec Nutriceuticals (our brand of choice) and other Australian and New Zealand supplement brands are governed in varying degrees by the TGA, FSANZs, Medsafe NZ and the NZFSA regulations. These regulations are strict and concise and protect all consumers from misleading and totally ineffective dietary supplements. Dietary supplements made in either Australia or New Zealand must comply with one or more of the local sets of regulated standards – Full individual Ingredients per serving size must be listed on all labels. Supplements regulated under the foods codes must also have a per 100gm serving comparison nutritional panel. This gives you the consumer a true and accurate snap shot of what you are actually getting in your supplements.

This is not over regulation, but fair trading practices. In many cases as they say ” diamonds are in your own back yards”. No need to look elsewhere. Take a look at the clips and form your own opinion, but we feel you will take a more detailed look at your USA branded dietary supplements in future.

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