Vitamin supplements are supplements of various types of vitamins that are essential to the body

Our body needs regular supply of
vitamins for proper functioning of the body. The most essential vitamins are A,
B, C, D, B12 etc.

of Vitamin are important if vitamin deficiency is prevalent in the body. These
may be available is powder or tablet forms. For example, if you are diagnosed
with vitamin B deficiency the doctor may give you a powder which you can drink
with the milk so that it is restored in the body.

Vitamin supplements help one to regain strength and keep
many diseases at bay. Deficiency of vitamins can lead to many serious diseases.
It can cause malnourishment. It can also cause loss of eyesight, dry skin and
weak gums, stunted growth and loss of energy. Lack of vitamins in body also
makes the body prone to many diseases and the body loses its immunity power. If
vitamins are not there in our body then it can cause weak bones and related
deficiency related disease like scurvy and rickets. Lack of vitamins can cause
graying and loss of hair.

of Vitamin can be taken in natural forms. There are many fruits and vegetables
which provide the essential vitamins to our body. Sweet and sour fruits like
sweet lime, oranges and papaya have high content of Vitamin C. It has anti
oxidizing properties. Vitamin D is available through exposure sunshine. Guava,
Mango, Tomatoes, Passion Fruit etc are rich sources of Vitamin D. Vitamin B2 ,
which is rich source of Riboflavin is available in dates, pomegranate, avocado
and banana. Vitamin B3, also called Niacin is found in peach, lychee and bread
fruit. Vitamin E and K are found in Avocado, BlackberriesComputer Technology Articles, kiwi and mango.

Vitamin supplements can also be taken in synthetic form
as tablets. These are to be taken after proper diagnosis by the doctor. It is
advisable that self medication is not done.

of Vitamin are prescribed as multi vitamin tablets. This is because vitamins
should be taken together. This way the effect is more. One such multi vitamin
tablet is available by Seacode.


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