Supplements 101: The Beginner's Guide (Episode 1)

Supplements 101: The Beginner's Guide (Episode 1)

Hey Everyone!

Welcome to *Supplements 101*

This is a series I have been meaning to bring to my youtube channel for quite some time. I am also ecstatic to have Lance, with Firebird Nutrition, assisting me in bringing knowledgable advice and guidance to my Youtube Channel.

This series begins with the basics, 4 items I benefited from in the earliest stages of my fitness career:

1.Whey & Casein Protein
2. BCAA w/Glutamine
3. Fish Oil
4. Multi-Vitamin

Also, a complimentary Beginner Supplement Guide is provided at the end of this video.

Safety Notice: I want to make this clear, though we are knowledgable professionals, we are in no way licensed physicians… And we are not YOUR licensed physician. Lance and I recommend you speak with your physician before engaging in new exercise routines and products that may cause harm to your health.

Visit for any of your supplement needs. Also, if you reside in the Phoenix/Metropolitan area, Lance would love to assist you with any of your supplement questions/product needs.

Thank you for subscribing 🙂


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