Build a Healthy Living Lifestyle From Scratch [6-Step Plan]

Build a Healthy Living Lifestyle From Scratch [6-Step Plan]

Getting the ball rolling on a healthy lifestyle can seem challenging, but there is a right way to get started so your healthy habits stick.

In this video you’ll learn the six steps to creating a healthy living lifestyle:

1. Finding the motivation that already lives inside of you.
2. Discovering your assets, so you can build on what you already have going for you.
3. 5 Gateway foods you must start eating
4. Learning how to redefine a “great meal”
5. Finding the best exercise for you
6. Discovering the simple strategy to build your commitment

When you learn and apply these 6 steps to a healthy lifestyle, your life becomes fun and you become an inspiration for others.

Want Dr. Becky to coach you to a healthier life?

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