Healthy Lifestyle Need Vitamins: Essential Supplements to Body


We all know that vitamins are an important part of a healthy lifestyle.  In a perfect world, most of the vitamins we need come in the foods we eat of drink.  We’ve all heard about vitamins and their importance but do you really know why vitamins are so important and why you need them?   Well here’s a summary of some of the most critical vitamins and how they help you.   Vitamin A.  You should take between 8,000 to 10000 IU per day.  This vitamin helps to stimulate cell reproduction.  It also increases immunity to disease and is an essential element in the formation of certain hormones. Vitamin A can enhance your vision and also helps to keep healthy hair and skin.  A deficiency in Vitamin A can lead to night blindness, poor bone growth, and dry skin.  One of the most ways to get your Vitamin A is through fortified milk.  Vitamin A has been added to milk for years.  You can also take supplements to ensure you are getting the minimum daily requirements.  2.  Vitamin B1 (Thiamine).  This vitamin plays an important role in helping the cells to convert carbohydrates into energy.  It is also vital for effective functioning of the heart, muscles, and nervous system.  If yo lack vitamin B1, you tend to feel tired and weak.     Most fruits and vegetables have very little B1 so a supplement is a good option here.  3.  Vitamin B2 (riboflavin).  This vitamin is also very important to help turn food into energy.  And it is also a vital ingredient to help promote healthy eyesight, skin, muscles, and nervous system.  You normally find this vitamin in enriched breads and cereals as well as dairy products.  4. Vitamin C.  This is one of the best immune system boosters.  It also helps to maintain and repair connective tissue, teeth, and bones.  This vitamin also helps to increase the amount of iron your body can absorb.  A deficiency of vitamin C  can lead to constant sore throat, skin rashes, and even a purple tongue.  And remember to take plenty of vitamin C if you want to avoid the cold and flu this winter.  There are a number of other vitamins which are important as well.  And many of the vitamins become more effective when they are taken with other vitamins.  So if you want to ensure that you are getting at least the minimum recommended daily allowances, take a good multivitamin rather than worrying about separate doses of different types.

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