What is new in making a list of your healthy habits

For every one of us, New Year starts with a resolution and what you can find common in most of them is a list of healthy habits you choose to follow to make your coming year healthy. All health habits are not equally ‘healthy’. Meditation and appreciation are coming in the spot light because of their positive effects on one’s health and lifestyle.

Now what’s new in making a list of healthy habits, you might be doing that since childhood. What new are you going to add to your list except habits like proper sleep, good food habits, etc.? Well don’t worry, there’s a habit you definitely need to follow this year and that’s ‘honesty’.

Honestly, honesty really needs to be a part of your life this year and also in the coming ones. So first of all, let’s all honestly accept that we lie. The lie may not lead to be serious for the recipient or it may hardly matter for them what we say but what about ourselves? Does lying harm one or does it have a beneficial effect? No need to mention, its harm that will come to you, not necessarily mentally but also physically.

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What will a lie do to me?

We lie because we think it’s neither going to cause any harm to the receiver nor to ourselves but that harmless looking lie plays with our brain. Efforts made by our mind to overcome the discomfort while lying may make us to do what we don’t want to. A series of events take place when you lie starting from what is that you need to hide, thinking of an alteration, performing to lie realistically and then remembering that lie. These events put an excess stress over your brain and also burn up unwanted energy. Another effect of not letting out what’s deep within you is that it only makes you lonely, unsatisfying and nothing else. Also not sharing how you really feel decreases the chances of improving your comfort.

What if I don’t lie?

Every one right from children to adults knows the harming effects of stress on our health. Lying also stresses our mind to get us out from the discomfort zone and it is this stress that will harm us because of lying. A research found out that people who lied less over a term of 10 weeks experienced changed lifestyle with improved relations, less headaches, tension free life and better sleep.

Not getting or getting delayed in what we want, acting in ways we don’t intend to, unwanted stress is all what lying does to us. And we suffer all this just because we can’t be ‘honest’? Well then start being one. It’s not just necessary at times but even saying what you really feel can increase chances of calming you by 50 percent. Being honest all times can be uncomfortable because of obvious reasons but that’s just temporary. The more we start being enthusiastic about telling truth about things and our feelingsPsychology Articles, the more we realize its positive effects on our relations and our health.

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