Vitamin H has a broad developing prospect

Natural vitamin H is widely found in animals, kidney, liver, pancreas and other organs as well as egg yolk, yeast and milk. In recent years, the international market demand for the vitamin H has strong growth and stimulates the production. Production and exports of Chinese vitamin H has a substantial increase, so the market prospect is broad.

Vitamin H is mainly used in medicine and health, nutrition supplements, feed additives, cosmetics and health products and beverages and so on. Vitamin H with a wide range of physiological effects, it is the body’s fat metabolism and other important coenzyme carboxyl reaction in fat metabolism and nucleic acid and protein synthesis has a role,. A lack of vitamin H may cause hair loss, dermatitis, weight loss and so on. Mainly used in clinical vitamin H deficiency and prevention of skin diseases.

Vitamin H has complex structures and difficult technologies. Production methods are extraction, fermentation and chemical synthesis. Natural Vitamin H for wide is the egg yolk, milk and animal liver, kidney, pancreas and other internal organs, so these substances can be extracted from the vitamin H, is used to extract alumina chromatography, purification by distillation under vacuum derived. However, this method yields small, high cost products for the production of biological reagents, for teaching and research services. Microbial fermentation can be obtained by fermentation, this method is not easy, the yield is not high, the quality is not stable enough. For years, people have been studying the use of chemical synthesis production of vitamin H, until the early 1980s, this problem was able to break. Chemical synthesis method is based on 2 – amino -3– mercapto sodium acid as the starting material acetic acid with a chlorine condensation, through acylation, esterification, hydrolysis, decarboxylation, condensation, oxime, hydrogenation, hydrolysis, cyclization, etc. many reactions in the system.

Biotin is called as ‘evergreen’ products promising long-term domestic and foreign markets vitamin H, has huge development potential. Vitamin H current international market demand, higher prices, Chinese exports smoothly. Domestic pharmaceutical and fine chemical companies should seize the opportunity to develop the product to become an international vitamin H, producer.

In the production of vitamin H, craft complex, Buju and more difficult, the reaction is not easy to hold grip, affecting the yield and cost. The technical content in all vitamin products is the highest. Manufacturers should be more investments in astaxanthin technology to enhance communication with universities, research institutes cooperation, make great efforts to research, create high-tech content of China’s unique process route. Can also be used when the world pharmaceutical and chemical products processing and production transfer to China the favorable opportunity, take the road of outreach, and foreign joint venture production of advanced technology with external factors, vitamin H, a world production base.

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