Various effects of vitamin B7

According to biotin supplier, it widely present in low concentrations in most animal and plantÂ’s
tissues, such as milk, egg yolk, lean meat, animal liver and kidney as well as
strawberries, mushrooms, grapefruit and grapes and other fruits, as well as brown
rice, beer, yeast and wheat.

Vitamin B7 participates
in gluconeogenesis, fatty acids combined effects and certain amino acids metabolism,
etc, can through energy production and conversion to produce some certain
proteins synthesized; and to assist the health and reproduction of cells,
improve the body’s immune function; helps the absorption and metabolism of B
vitaminsÂ’ other members and vitamin C; also involved in vitamin B12, folic acid
and pantothenic acid metabolism; promote sweat glands, nerve tissue, bone
marrow and male gonads health; maintain the normal function of the skin and
hair, reduce the symptoms of eczema, dermatitis; ease muscle pain; can ease
depression, insomnia; promote urea synthesis and excretion. It also can assist
treating arteriosclerosis, stroke, lipid metabolism disorder, hypertension,
coronary heart disease and blood circulation disorders disease.

In addition,
it can also improve islet function of diabetes patients, regulating the
secretion of insulin to control blood sugar levels, and can reduce the
incidence of diabetic nerve damage and skin damage. Vitamin B7 has broad role
and application. Fixes the weak burst toenails and fingernails, improve the
health of hair, prevent juvenile white hair, gray hair. Can keep the skin
whitening, bright and clean, is an essential drug for the treatment of certain
skin conditions (such as cradle cap). Have the function of preventing skin
diseases, promoting lipid metabolism and other physiological, is conducive to
the health and regeneration of cells, can effectively help the metabolism of dieters,
remove more fat. In food Industry, vitamin B7 as nutritional supplements, can
be used as processing aids for the food industry. Used in cosmetic raw material can improve the running speed of blood circulation in the skin
blood vessels, in the concentration range of 0.1% to 1.0 %, easy to mix with
the oil in the recipe.

The role of vitamin
B7 is wide, so the illnesses of lacking is related to multiple aspects, but
most of them are skin symptoms, the hair will be thinning, dull, juvenile white hair, dry skin, dull skin and face pale, easy
to suffer kinds of dermatitis, such as scaly dermatitis, red rash, severe rash
can extend to around the eyes, nose and mouth; baby can occur seborrheic
dermatitis. Digestive system may have loss appetite, nausea, vomiting, tongue
atrophy and mucosal grayed and so on; in neuropsychiatric aspects, prone to
cause depression, fatigue, insomnia and doze; as well as numbness, muscle pain,
fatigue, anemia and brain power figure abnormal.

Vitamin B7 is
a water-soluble vitamin, compared with fat-soluble vitamins is more sensitive, can
be easily destroyed and decomposed by heat, light and other substances; also
hard to stored in the body. Adults recommended daily intake of 50 to 200
micrograms. Due to vitamin B7 was just stay in the human body for 3 to 6 hours,
so it must adhere to supply everyday. For some diseases caused by the vitamin
B7 serious deficiency, can inject 2 to 5 mg of vitamin B7. While supplying vitamin
B7, you need to stay away from raw protein, sulfa drugs class, certain hormones
(such as estrogen), food processing and alcohol, etc.


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