Vitamin D

Vitamin D

In this video you’ll discover the nootropic benefits of Vitamin D. Including why we use Vitamin D as a nootropic, recommended dosage, side effects and clinical research.

Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol or calciol) is unique because it is not a standard vitamin. It’s actually a fat-soluble steroid hormone.

Vitamin D is mostly made in your skin from sun exposure. Not primarily from food like most of our other vitamins.

As a nootropic, Vitamin D is critical for the synthesis of GABA, glutamate and glutamine, and dopamine in your brain.

Vitamin D is involved in gene expression, regulation of neurotrophic factors, neuroplasticity, and brain development early in life. All in areas of the brain associated with depression. And the neuroplasticity needed for memory formation and retrieval.

Vitamin D protects your brain from DNA damage through prevention of telomere shortening and inhibition of telomerase activity. And prevents oxidative damage to DNA.

Vitamin D3 is the fat-soluble steroid hormone form of Vitamin D. The “sunshine vitamin” is considered essential. Your skin synthesizes Vitamin D3 from ultraviolet-B (UVB) sunlight.

As a neurohacker, you should be aware that you are likely deficient in this essential vitamin. Vitamin D deficiency (hypovitaminosis D) is an undeclared worldwide pandemic affecting nearly 50% of the population on this planet.

The preferred method for getting adequate Vitamin D is from UVB sunlight on exposed skin.

But all kinds of things can interfere with getting enough Vitamin D from sunlight. Fall and Winter in both hemispheres, cloud cover, smog, skin color, sunscreen, and too much clothing are all factors.

And most of us spend so much time indoors, to get its benefits you should take Vitamin D3 as a supplement.

Recommended Vitamin D3 dosage is 4,000 IU’s per day.

This indepth Vitamin D review covers:

00:23 Vitamin D as a nootropic
03:44 How does Vitamin D work in the brain?
06:06 Vitamin D benefits
07:42 How does Vitamin D feel?
08:57 Vitamin D clinical studies
09:37 Vitamin D recommended dosage
12:01 Vitamin D side effects
13:47 Types of Vitamin D to buy

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