Vitamins and DNA?: A vitamin based on your DNA from GeneWize is on its way.

(NOTE: Article was originally published 7/26/2008)

Imagine this scenario: You wake up in the morning and turn on the
coffee machine. You make some breakfast and you pour your glass of
orange juice. After having some breakfast, you open up the fridge to
get your vitamin for the day. This vitamin is not the Centrum, One A
Day, or the generic brand you buy at the store. This is a totally
different vitamin: a vitamin tailored to your DNA profile.

Now you may be thinking, “can such a vitamin like this be made?” or “this sounds too good to be true!”

To answer these questions, I would say yes, a vitamin like this is
being made as we speak and no, this is truly what is happening right

The company that is making these vitamins is GeneWize.

GeneWize is a company that specializes in health beauty and wellness
products. The basis of these products come from DNA-based genetic
tests. This allows them to make a product that is customized just for

While a multivitamin is able to provide us with the necessary
vitamins and minerals our body needs to function on a daily basis, it
is not able to address the varying deficiencies. Since each of us is
different, each of our bodies has different nutritional needs. This
makes it clear that a multivitamin can not be a one-size-fits-all for

With GeneWize, you would not need to go to the store to buy vitamins
anymore. You would take a DNA test, and would then send the results
back to GeneWize. The vitamin would then be sent back, customized just
for you.

Just think. This is a major breakthrough in the health sciences
industry. This will be the first in the industry to offer this type of

So the next time you eat your breakfast and have your multivitaminArticle Submission,
think about the possibilities of having a vitamin that is tailored to
your DNA. Just for you.

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