Basic Information That You Should Know About B12 Patches and Vitamin B12 in General


Supplementation of nutrients is necessary. Vitamins are essential to the maintenance of immune function in the body. However, in unfortunate instances deficiencies abound. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin for the body to have. However, if you take it via ingestion only a small part of it will actually be available. Hence, B12 patches are a great step of absorbing the valuable vitamin. The following article covers valuable information about vitamin B12 patches.As mentioned earlier, if you were to supplement your B12 requirements via pills then you would have to take a chunk of pills. This mostly means that pill time is very boring and unpalatable affair. Hence, this points out that the oral ingestion is not the best way to get your daily dosage. Usually the best way to get the vitamin is via the vitamin B12 patches or the injection. Most people are freaked out by injections: the site of a hypodermic needle piercing the skin makes one’s legs turn to jelly. Ergo, B12 patches are the pain-free method to go. This comes as a sigh of relief to those people who are into the needle experience.The other advantage of B12 patches is that you only have to use the patch once a week in order to get your daily dose of Vitamin B12. Now look at popping pills everyday in order to get your daily dose of the vitamin-you might end up even not wanting to take the pills ever again after your first week. The reason is that they are just so many and plus you have to keep replenishing the stock regularly. Vitamin B12 patches are the only viable option considering that you consume only one patch per week. You have injections that could go wrong. Instances of people who use hypodermic syringes in a way that is not safe are on the rise. The danger is that you put yourself at risk of contracting very serious infections from bad use of the needle. Pills also are very risky. Instances of people choking on pills are very high and with B12 pills, you have to take a lot of them in order to get your daily dose. This basically means you predispose yourself to risk of choking. Overall, you have the option of B12 patches which are relatively safe.  All you have to do is just stick on a dry surface behind the space behind your neck and ear. Vitamin B12 patches are used for 24 hours at least once a week. This means that you have your shot of B12 and voila you are done. The recommended dosage is the 1,000 mcg for a week. Do your due diligence on the B12 patches if you are sceptical. You doctor will tell you the best brands of Vitamin B12 patches that will serve you the best.Source: Free Articles from

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