Is There Any Effective Herbal Remedy For Bleeding Piles?


Piles, medically termed as hemorrhoid is a health disorder characterized by inflammation of veins inside or outside rectum. Person suffering from internal pilesexperience bleeding, pain and swelling, where as those patients suffering from external piles experience pain and itching. Bleeding of affected area usually occurs during severe case of piles. Causes leading way to hemorrhoids vary from one person to another. Some among the common causes of bleeding piles include chronic diarrhea, constipation, pregnancy, pregnancy and low fibre intake. As per research, hemorrhoid is found to be as one among the major health disorders reported in hospitals. Faulty lifestyle is a main risk factor contributing in the formation of bleeding piles. Intake of herbal remedies in conjunction with healthy lifestyle is a best technique to prevent hemorrhoid problems. Today you can get several types of herbal remedies for bleeding piles. Most of them functions by curing the underlying cause of problem. White radish juice is one among the safe and effective herbal remedies for bleeding piles. It  can be used both internally and externally. Active composition in this herbal cure like copper, potassium, folic acid and calcium prevents constipation and reduces the risk of hemorrhoids. Radish juice mixed with a pinch of salt or a tablespoon of honey act as a safe cure for hemorrhoid troubles. For attaining best result, patients suffering from bleeding piles are recommended to intake 50 ml of radish juice twice per day. In order to relieve pain and swelling due to external piles, patients arealso recommended to apply radish paste on affected areas. Leaf of turnip is found to be as a safe and effective herbal remedy for bleeding piles. In conjunction with intake of turnip juice, patients are advised to avoid the use of spicy and oily foods in diet. For attaining best result, people suffering from bleeding piles are recommended to consume turnip leaf juice mixed with watercress, carrots and spinach. This herbal cure acts as a safe herbal remedy and induces zero side effects on user. Some among the essential compounds present in turnip root include folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin K, calcium and lutein. It supplies essential nutrients to body cells and improves metabolic activities of body. Apart from curing hemorrhoid troubles, intake of turnip juice also helps in preventing other diseases like arthritis, asthma and cancer. Intake of bitter gourd juice mixed with butter milk is an effective herbal remedy for bleeding piles. In order to attain good result, it is advised to consume this herbal cure consistentlyfor three months duration. Apart from consuming bitter gourd juice, patients can also use this herbal remedy externally. Topical application of bitter gourd root paste on affected area helps in reducing pain and irritation. Onion, a common ingredient in food recipes is another safe cure for bleeding piles. People suffering from chronic piles are advised to include a good amount of onion in their diet. Other effective herbal remedies for piles include ginger, sesame seeds, dry figs, mango seeds, and wheat grass.Source: Free Articles from

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