The Importance of Correct Dosing of Liquid Vitamin D


Vitamin D plays a major role in the upkeep of our system and there is a continuous need of the element for the growth and vigor of body and especially at the growing phase. Liquid Vitamin D is a must for infants and school going children and there is a recommendation for a minimum daily requirement of the element. Several supplements, containing the vitamin, are available in the market for infants and children and you should know the correct use of the nutrient for children. The right dose is one important factor in liquid vitamin D medication. Hence, products for infants contain droppers which are marked for the correct dose for infants. Overdosing of the vitamin may produce detrimental results in children.The role of vitamin D is to assimilate the actions of calcium and phosphate to support the skeleton structure of the human body and makes it strong including teeth. Hence, the deficiency of the vitamin may cause problems such as rickets in children and osteomalacia in adults. It takes the help of sun rays and supports the development of the body as a whole.You should be very much careful in providing liquid vitamin D supplementation to an infant or a child and avoid overdosing to prevent harmful side effects. The vitamin D or choelcalciferol is a fat soluble vitamin and it is used as an element with various skin applications. Therefore, you find products and formulations containing the element to benefit the advantages of the vitamin in presence of sunlight. It comes with oils and emollients, which are used for massage purpose for healthy bodies.Parents should understand the significance of vitamin supplementation for infants and children and follow certain guidelines and seek help of health care professionals. Obtain the advice of a pediatrician for the right dose of liquid vitamin D for the particular infant or child and understand the method of application of the medication. Consult the instruction leaflet of the manufacturer that comes with every pack of the supplement recommended by the doctor. See that there is not any dosing error or an overdosing. If such thing happens, take immediate advice of the doctor for proper remedial measure.Source: Free Articles from

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