Vitamin A acid

Vitamin A acid
can reduce wrinkles and improve skin roughness, increase in dermal thickness
and stimulate collagen deposition, have anti-aging effects on the skin. One
study showed that the efficacy of 0.025%vitamin A acid is the same as the
efficacy of 0.05% or 0.1% vitamin A acid, also can reduce the irritation of the
skin. The study also found that continuous use of vitamin A acid a year, its
role will continue to improve. The most common side effects of topical vitamin
A acid is irritating to the skin, it is often sold as a prescription drug.

Vitamin A acid appeared in many occasions in
medicine, such as tretinoin, isotretinoin, acitretin and so on, they are all
medicine for treating skin disease, but different in uses. Vitamin A is the
essential substance to maintain the body’s normal epithelial tissue function,
if the body lacks of it, will cause dry skin, pilaris, conjunctival
keratinization and other problems. Isotretinoin is a vitamin A derivatives,
general used in ineffective treatment of severe acne cases, including those
with adequate, enough course, systemic antibiotic treatment of invalid cases,
or accompanied by severe nodule or cyst acne vulgaris, should first chose
isotretinoin. At the beginning of therapy often combined with oral prednisone
therapy, but prednisone can gradually stop in 3-4 weeks.

The recommended dose of isotretinoin is 0.5-2
mg per kg body weight daily oral, continuous use 16-20 week. On the general
therapy of severe hidradenitis suppurativa, rosacea, acne, hair follicle
keratinization of Gram-negative bacteria are effective. In addition,
isotretinoin can stimulate collagen emerging, while the collagen is strong
material to let the human skin young, the skin has more collagen fibers, it
does not appear more wrinkles. The drug can also stimulate the growth of new
blood vessels, let the skin look ruddy and health, so that make the dead cell
shedding, grow fresh skin, therefore it also be made of adhesive, emulsion,
cream for rhytidectomy.

However, taking isotretinoin should not used
with vitamin A or tetracycline. The most serious side effect of isotretinoin is
teratogenic, patients pregnancy after taking the drug, 1 / 3 of spontaneous
abortion, 1 / 3 need induction of labor, another 1 / 3 has 20% of the fetuses
appeared severe congenital malformation, therefore women in reproductive age need
isotretinoin to treat should be first excluded pregnancy. The other side
effects of isotretinoin has dry lips, cheilitis, dry mouth, dry skin, scaling,
so taking the medicine should under the guidance of doctors, and pay attention
to coat sunscreen.

Both vitamin A acid and vitamin A have the effect
of promoting growth, and can make the epithelium maintained normal role, but
topical vitamin A on human skin plays no practical effect, oral vitamin A is
beneficial to skin disease. And vitamin A acid topically applied to skin has a
strong pharmacological properties, topical tretinoin can improve the aging skin
due to sun exposure. A variety of skin diseases such as acne, pityriasis rubra
pilaris, ichthyosis, common warts have remarkable curative effect, vitamin A
acid can be used as adjuvant drug therapy of psoriasis. But studies by tretinoin
show that tretinoin can remove small wrinkles, reduce skin
roughness, lighten stains, make skin ruddy. Vitamin A acid is magical,
isotretinoin as A also very stimulating. In the use of vitamin A products, pay
attention to prevent bask inFree Reprint Articles, because it has a photosensitive. Vitamin A acid
oral and smearing effect is different. Here we talk is the oral have the ability
to anti pox.


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