Vitamin E and Hair

Vitamin E is found in the following food sources: cold pressed vegetable oils, soybeans, wheat germ oil, broccoli, grains, spinach, dried beans, nuts, ready to eat cereals, raw seeds, eggs and green leafy vegetables. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant that aids effective circulation in the scalp due to increased oxygen uptake in blood. It aids in supplying oxygen to the blood and thus retards cellular aging. Its anti-oxidating property also helps it to alleviate fatigue, strengthen capillary walls and bring nourishment to cells. It also prevents and dissolves clots in the blood. vitamin E is found to have some side effects like high blood pressure and reduction in blood clotting.

Vitamin E is found to have a significant influence on the health of not just hair but also skin. Vitamin E is used to prevent sterility and also other diseases like muscular dystrophy. Vitamin A is very useful for healthy sebum in the scalp. Vitamin A can be found in meat, eggs, cabbage, apricots, cheese, carrots, spinach, peaches, milk and fish liver oil. Vitamin E helps in increasing scalp circulation. Vitamin E is found in wheat germ oil, nuts, green leafy vegetables, soybeans, dried beans, raw seeds and cold-pressed vegetable oils. Vitamin E has also been shown to retard the ageing process. Supplement of vitamin E can only be beneficial whether you have grey hair or not. The best natural sources of vitamin E are wheat germ, Soya beans, broccoli, brussel sproutsFree Reprint Articles, spinach and eggs.

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