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By stevepb from PixabayVitamin D+K2 – How do vitamins D3 and K2 work together?

Vitamins D and K2 are vital components in supporting healthy bones, but how do they work together?

Maintaining healthy bones is not just about upping your calcium intake.

Did you know that alongside calcium you should also look into vitamins D and K2.

Vitamins D and K2 work together to help transport calcium into the bone where it is needed. K2 maintains bone density by activating proteins which regulate calcium absorption into the bone, preventing calcium deposits forming in the arteries. Helping to keep your heart and bones healthy.

It was previously thought that adequate levels of K2 were available through diet, however the Western diet typically only provides 25% of the nutrient reference value.

That’s why at ‘BetterYou’ we’ve developed a great tasting, natural peppermint flavour vitamin D+K2 oral spray, which provides optimal levels of D3 and K2.

BetterYou’s vitamin D+K2 oral spray, helping you maintain a healthy heart and bones in just three easy sprays!

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