Proper use vitamin A acid

science researchers said that: Although the side effects often make people been
discouraged, but if you know how to take advantage of its side effects, there
will be a positive effect.

Like some patientsÂ’ face secrete too much
grease, if you properly use the gelatinous tretinoin, the dry skin side effects
will become the patients dream efficacy. According to tretinoin
, vitamin A acid is a versatile drug, has efficacy on
removing wrinkle, anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-viral, treatment of acne, the
treatment of psoriasis and other keratinizing skin diseases, past oral vitamin
A acid has the long half-life, easily lead to drug accumulation in the body and
cause side effects, and now there has a relatively short half-life of oral
vitamin A acid, topical vitamin A acid is also becoming more suitable for the
use of patients.

So, as long as the women who seeking beauty
can follow the doctor’s advice, vitamin A acid in the use of dermatologists can
produce a positive effect, to avoid the occurrence of adverse side effects, and
really do not need to because of the side effects of vitamin A acid to stay away
from the vitamin A acid.

Some Firming Essence and cream with a 0.05%
A aldehyde, The Essence also added 1% hyaluronic acid, the cream is added 0.5%
of hyaluronic acid. This series of hyaluronic acid is special, added medium
molecular hyaluronic acid particles, it can combine with the cells in the
dermal layer, and then make them synthesis of hyaluronic acid. More easily
absorbed by the skin than the direct use of hyaluronic acid. So, after A
aldehyde molecules binding with hyaluronic acid, the effect in the skin is
better than A aldehyde and hyaluronic acid alone to fight against aging and

Said a bunch of theories, come back to talk
about the feelings of using these two products. These two products are pale
orange creamy texture, smell have the faint scent. The order to use these two
products should be special instructed, it is not the same with something else,
they are first coated cream, then coated with the essence of fine lines. The
texture of these two products also have a little bit special, at the beginning
of coating in the face has a little hard paste, but after coating uniform, it
becomes very slippery, easily to coat. And then the skin will tighten up a bit,
have a feeling of stretching. This feeling is very special, seems the wrinkles
in your face were disappearing.

What should pay attention to, using these
two products have the same usage with A acid, only can use at night, during the
day you should coat sunscreen. In fact, evaluating whether a vitamin A products
have effects, from the first week you can found in a skin reaction, in the
first week, because A aldehyde and A acid will refresh cuticle, so it will make
the canthus wrinkles looking more obvious. Then continues use it, the wrinkles will
disappear slowly. After a month using, the feeling is that the eye lines has a
little improvement trend. Past wrinkles can not be anxiousBusiness Management Articles, such products should
be used for more than three months will have a more obvious change.


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