🤑 I AM Affirmations For Success, Money, Health & Abundance Sleep Programming Money Visualization 💰

🤑 I AM Affirmations For Success, Money, Health & Abundance Sleep Programming Money Visualization 💰

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4 Hours of POWERFUL I AM Affirmations that’ll help you manifest success, money, health, wealth, and abundance. Jam packed with manifestation tools this LOA audio is perfect for sleeping, studying, meditating, or visualizing.

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📚 Description:

I Am Affirmations For Success, Money, Health, & Abundance Sleep Meditation is one of the best wealth affirmation videos on the web to sleep to. With music made to the tune of money making, we recommend using this video for meditation, sleep learning, and positive thinking exercises. With subliminal affirmations both on screen and repeated within the audio, you can program your mind to make money and attract abundance into your life. This video includes I Am Affirmations on the screen with I Am Affirmations which are spoken as well. You should repeat the I Am Affirmations after it each time until you fall asleep. Focus on reprogramming yourself and your mind and you will align yourself with the success wavelength in the Universe. Visualize a millionaire lifestyle with best money visualization.

💵 Instructions / Money Challenge

1. Use stereo headphones for the best experience.
2. Listen & watch this video daily for the next 120 days.
3. Take steps towards your dreams & goals every single day!

🎧 Audio Message (22 Affirmations)

1- I create my reality
2- My power is in my thoughts
3- I am the master of my own life
4- The more I focus my mind upon the good, the more good comes to me
5- Luminous and creative energy flows through me
6- The law of attraction works for me
7- I am attracted only to those people and situations that support me
8- I am receiving abundance now in unexpected ways
9- I use my intuition and intelligence to guide me at all times
10- I accept and love my body as it is, and work to make it better
11- I visualize myself having abundant wealth – that’s who I am
12- I deserve to have and enjoy prosperity and affluence in my life
13- I recognize and honor my talents, abilities, and skills
14- I choose to be happy and successful
15- I attract, welcome and accept talented and successful people
16- All my attitudes are positive now
17- Joy overflows in my life
18- I am willing to believe that I AM the creator of my life experience
19- I have the power to realize my goals
20- I am the person I was meant to become
21- I have faith and deep belief in myself
22- I am a strong person

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