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By Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay3 Supplements YOU Need for Optimal Performance (Top Supplements = Best Fitness Results)

Supplements, the fitness performance secret everyone knows and everyone loves to blab about. It’s never-ending these days to have someone yelling at you to take their supplements from who knows where. First, these are the 3 supplements you need for optimal performance, everything else you hear from others is chatter from people who haven’t broken world records, and above all else don’t put their money where their mouth is in terms of results. Second, to get the best fitness results you need to get your body in the best optimal form. This means putting the right variables along with the right supplements. This means you need to eat clean, exercise with form and fitness in mind, and lastly, take the right supplements along with right sleep.

So what are the 3 supplements you need for optimal performance? Magnesium Glycinate is the first of these supplements. This supplement is everything you need to aid yourself in recovery and building new muscle for the best results. Mag, as we call it, is a key player in insulin function and helps with over 300 other functions in the body. Most people don’t know this but most people and performance athletes are deficient in Mag. 4/5 people to be exact, so before you think to yourself that you have decent fitness and don’t need this supplement in your diet.

The next supplement you are going to need to look into is Omega 3’s or Fish Oil. This supplement also aids recovery time for any athlete whether you’re tactical, lifter, or just looking for optimal performance. This top tier supplement is great for promoting gut health and aiding in recovery, which we all know is key in any lifting gains. Also, Omega 3 is also not in our regular diets, so we need to make sure to take this supplement with that in mind.

Lastly, you need to consider taking Curcumin, now this one is far less well known but believe us when we say it’s something we take every day. It promotes fitness by improving joint health and longevity along with bolstering your immune system for the long haul. On top of these benefits, it’s aids in cognitive function and heart health, which last time we checked were lacking in our American health trend.

So be sure to take these supplements when you want to see the best optimal performance in all of your fitness endeavors!!!

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