All About 'Vitamin C' and 'Scurvy'

All About 'Vitamin C' and 'Scurvy'

What causes scurvy?
By Biology Decoded Team

We may dislike eating our veggies, but do you know that veggies contains umpteen amount of
vitamins, especially, Vitamin C? Not only is it present in fruits and vegetables but also, in meat
that we eat. The reason why our bodies can’t synthesize Vitamin C is due to lack of an enzyme
that catalyse intermediate metabolites into Vitamin C. Most mammals have enzymes that
produce Vitamin C but humans cannot because, as time passed, mutations were accumulated on
the gene of the enzyme leading to loss of enzyme.
Most of us may think of Vitamin C as Citric acid, but actually, it is not. Vitamin C is actually,
Ascorbic acid. The difference between them is that Citric acid is generated during cellular
respiration of mammals, including humans. Ascorbic acid is not synthesized in humans.
Vitamin C acts as a couple factor for an enzyme that synthesize a component of extracellular
matrix, collagen. The incorporation of Ascorbic acid with enzyme, adds hydroxyl group on
proline residue in collagen. This reaction generates hydroxyproline, which stabilizes the structure
of collagen.
The deficiency of Vitamin C can increase risk of certain diseases, such as stroke. So what is
scurvy? Scurvy is a condition specific to deficiency of Ascorbic acid. The lack of Vitamin C
destabilizes the structure of collagen and affects integrity of tissue. Symptoms include bleeding
gums, tooth decay, rough skin, and loss of integrity of microvessels. Symptoms of scurvy
appears within month, if deficiency is continuous.
Did you know one of reasons that killed the pirates of the 18 th century were not bullets but
scurvy? Yes, you heard that right. Pirates could not rely on the Food Pyramid to help them get
their required fruits and veggies and as a result, they were plagued with scurvy. Pirates had
bleeding gums, their teeth fell out, bones atrophied … it was a slow death, say historians. Eating
citrus fruit would cure them.
Currently, we rarely hear of scurvy but if we observe in developing countries, it still exists.
Extensive cooking of veggies and meat destroys Vitamin C and thereby, we barely absorb
Vitamin C upon consumption.
Now you know, why it is important to eat our greens, while they are still green.

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Naturally Protecting Your Skin Against Sun Damage


A hot sunny day certainly brightens the mood! Exposure to sunlight is also good to give your body the very essential vitamin D which is necessary for healthy bones and muscles. But while sunbathing you must always remember that over exposure or regular exposure for long periods can prove harmful to the skin. It can cause sun burns and in some cases can result in skin cancer as well. Actually when exposed for longer durations ,like at the beach and sunbathing at t he pool, the UV rays start damaging the skin protein (elastin and melanin) . Loss of these, first results in discoloration of the skin (sun tan) followed by sagging, dull and lose skin. While one is young, the skin cells regenerate at a quicker pace and thus the signs of sun damage might not be visible. But with time these signs start manifesting as dark spots and wrinkles. So the skin needs to be protected against this damage, irrespective of age.Skin and sun damageIt is not always possible to avoid exposure to sunlight. Thus, safeguarding the skin against the damage of the sun extremely important. When the UV rays of the sun reach and interact with the skin, some free radicals are formed. These radicals lead to destruction of important skin proteins and thus cause skin damage. The damage to the skin due to aging also results from the reaction of these radicals. Vitamin C helps boost the skin’snatural defenses and also acts as an effective antioxidant to help block the action of the damaging free radicals casued by the Ultraviolet radiation. It also enhances the production of collagen which Helps keep the skin looking full and youthful.Protecting the skinAs from above, vitamin C should form an essential part of one’s diet to ensure complete protection against the damaging effect of the sun. Fruits and green vegetables are a rich source of vitamin C. Vitamin C in the form of lotions, sun guards, night creams or as a component of any other cosmetic products would also be equally effective in promoting healthy skin with a radiant look (like the Obagi C Rx starter set for normal to dry skin). Such cosmetic products which compliment to the skins need of these essential nutrients have been found to be safe and also give instant and long term results. Such products are generally used after cleaning the facial skin thoroughly with some cleansing lotion or gel. This enhances the absorption and benefits obtained from the product used thereafter.Many varieties of sunscreen lotions and sun blockss are available in the market which effectively shields the skin against harmful UV radiations. The sun protection factor or SPF value of these range from 10 to 45 and higher and so varies their purpose and duration of use. These creams find important place in daily skin care regime. Also one must try to cover up the area most exposed like face and hair by using umbrellas or hats, arms by wearing appropriate hand gloves and eyes by using good quality sunglasses.Source: Free Articles from

Naomi Andrews is an esthetician from Hawaii. She has had the opportunity
to use various sun care products and anti aging skin care products of known
brands like Obagi, Lierac,La RochePosay and many others.

Liquid Vitamins Fortify Phytonutrients, Why?

Phytonutrients are nutrients found in fruits, vegetables, and their extracts. Phytonutrients can also be found in liquid vitamin supplements. To begin, an explanation of some classes of the phytonutrients is necessary.

Bioflavonoids are a class of phytonutrients that bind to toxic metal ions and help to rid the body of them. They also provide anti-infection properties and are anti-carcinogenic as well. Some of the best food choices are rosehips, berries, citrus fruits, broccoli, cherries, papaya, grapes, cantaloupe, plums, tea, buckwheat leaves, red wine, and tomatoes.

Another class of phytonutrients is the allium compounds. Allium compounds benefit the body by fighting cancer and heart disease. Garlic is in this class of phytonutrients. How do the allium compounds prevent cancer? Garlic is able to block the conversion of nitrites and nitrates (found in many preserved foods). Why is this important? Well, the nitrites and nitrates convert in the body to nitrosamines. Nitrosamines are known cancer causing compounds. Also, garlic has been linked to lower cholesterol in the blood. So garlic acts similar to antioxidants. Onions, leeks, shallots, and chives are also considered allium compounds.

Why is broccoli good for us? Broccoli is good because it is considered a glucosinolate? Glucosinolates are a class of phytonutrients. Glucosinolates have been found to be important cancer fighters. Studies show that foods high in glucosinolates reduce the risk of lung, stomach, colorectal, and breast cancer. Glucosinolates are so good at fighting cancer by detoxifying the liver. Brussel sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables are good sources of glucosinolates.

Ellagic acid is a class of phytonutrient. High levels of ellagic acid can be found in strawberries, raspberries, and grapes. This compound neutralizes carcinogens before they can damage DNA. Ellagic acid neutralizes a specific carcinogen found in red meat, nitrosamine. Also, ellagic acid is effective against another common carcinogen, aflatoxin. This carcinogen is found to be in low levels in a number of foodsArticle Search, including peanuts.

Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant and phytonutrient found in tomatoes. Lycopene is credited for giving the tomato its red color. Lycopene is also found in watermelon as well as recognized on your ketchup bottle label. Some tomato plants have actually been bioengineered to contain 3 to 4 times the normal levels of lycopene. These are only a few of the phytonutrients known to health science. There are many more with many different benefits. The secret of phytonutrients has been discovered by health professionals and awaits many to reap the benefits. Maintaining good health is worth the time it takes to add a tomato to a cheese burger or take a liquid vitamin supplement fortified with phytonutrients.

Healthy lifestyle discussion on Air at 98.3 Hot FM Abuja with Patience Johnson

Healthy lifestyle discussion on Air at 98.3 Hot FM Abuja with Patience Johnson

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Healthy Eating: Choosing Foods

Healthy Eating: Choosing Foods

It’s best to eat food from the earth, not from a box or can as much as possible. But, we all need to eat for convenience, too. Blue Cross Dietitian Laura shares tips for choosing the healthier options when grocery shopping.

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7 Tips On Living A Healthy Lifestyle!!

7 Tips On Living A Healthy Lifestyle!!

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Global Vitamin B5 Market Size, Analysis and Forecasts, 2016 – 2020

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The report, titled Vitamin B5 is an in-depth analysis of the Vitamin B5 market across the world. A brief historic overview of the Vitamin B5 market has been mentioned in the report, followed by the present scenario of the market. The report analyses the size of the market and forecasts the valuation and the growth rate of the market in the span of next couple of years. Key drivers and restraints of the overall market has been pointed out. The report cites the various opportunities to favor the growth of the Vitamin B5 market during the forecast period. It also indicates the key market trends shaping up the market.

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The Vitamin B5 market has certain distinct aspects. The report throws light on each of these aspects and studies the various segments of the market in detail. The growth of each of the market segments during the forecast horizon has been analyzed in the report. The present state of the Chinese economy has lowered the demand from every market. The report discusses the impact of the various initiatives taken by the government in China to revive the economy and how this would impact the demand from Vitamin B5 market in the nation. The report also takes note of the various micro- and macro-economic factors governing the overall market in rest of the world.

Discussing about the key players operating in the Vitamin B5 market, the report provides crucial information about them. The Vitamin B5 market has become very competitive worldwide. The report profiles the key players and analyzes their growth in the next couple of years. The report serves as a useful tool for enterprises looking out to invest in projects in the Vitamin B5 market. 

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Vitamins For Hair Loss – Hair Loss Due To Vitamin Deficiency


Zinc, iron, B vitamins, essential fatty acids, amino acids and other nutrients are responsible for hair growth. If these deficiencies occur ,for whatever reason, hair loss is likely. These deficiencies can result from many of the problems referred to in this article as well as poor diet. However, there are other cases when hair loss can be a sign of a serious medical problem. This is known as temporary hair loss, because genes did not predetermine the loss of hair. One of the leading causes of temporary hair loss is vitamin deficiency. Hair follicles require certain vitamins to carry on their constant function of regeneration and growth. If follicles remain deprived of these vitamins they won’t be able to carry out their normal functioning and may result in hair loss.Most often due to poor dietary habits or disturbed metabolism folks happen to be deficient with these vitamins. So a change in dietary habits or food intake is necessary to ensure enough intake of necessary vitamins for hair in order to prevent hair loss.Vital Vitamins To Prevent Hair LossThere are many different vitamins that are extremely important to maintaining a healthy head of hair. Hair loss could be caused by a vitamin deficiency in any of these nutrients. All that is necessary to reverse the temporary hair loss is following a proper diet!Vitamin A is a vitamin that promotes the healthy growth of both cells and tissue in various parts of the body, including the cells in the scalp and hair. A vitamin A deficiency could lead to hair loss and dandruff, especially if the deficiency occurs for an extended period of time. To get the vitamin A you need, make sure to consume lots of leafy vegetables, colorful fruits, liver, eggs, and fish oil.Hair loss could be caused by a vitamin deficiency in one or more of three B vitamins. These three B vitamins (more specifically folic acid, vitamin B6, and vitamin B12) are important to the creation of red blood cells and hemoglobin. The hemoglobin carries oxygen to various body tissues, including the hair cells. A vitamin deficiency could cause hair loss due to the resulting reduced blood and oxygen supply to the hair. To get your B vitamins, eat plenty of chicken, fish, whole grains, beets, and orange juice.A vitamin deficiency in biotin could cause hair loss. Though deficiency in biotin is rare, it has been observed in some cases. Biotin can be found in select foods, and it is also produced in the intestines by good bacteria. Most people who eat a healthy diet would never experience hair loss as a result of this vitamin deficiency. However, if this does occur, vitamin supplements can be taken.What Else?Other vitamins are important to the growth and maintenance of hair. These vitamins include zinc, iron, vitamin C, and copper. If you do not receive an adequate amount of these vitamins, make sure to look for food sources or begin taking supplements.High doses of Vitamin A can also result in the temporary loss of hair.Iron deficiency can be another cause of hair loss. Young women often have low iron due to the changes in their bodies and their menstrual cycle. Some people do not consume enough iron in their diets or have an inability to properly absorb iron. A doctor can test your blood for iron levels and can treat this by recommending iron pills as part of your vitamin and mineral regiment.Insufficient protein in your diet may result in protein malnutrition that can affect hair loss. If you are on a diet that is low in protein this may be the culprit. Your body will take the protein from your hair, forcing your hair into the telogen or resting phase. Hair loss will then occur two or more months later. This is not permanent hair loss and can be reversed with a proper diet with healthy amounts of protein. Biotin For people who eat a healthy diet, biotin deficiency is rare. Besides getting biotin from select food sources, biotin is also manufactured in our intestines by gut bacteria. In rare instances though, biotin deficiency can cause hair loss. Both patients had severe loss of hair. These patients, due to their medical condition, did not manufacture biotin in their gut and consumed no biotin orally or parenterally. Daily supplementation of biotin resulted in the gradual regrowth of healthy hair.If you are facing deficiency of these vitamins you should incorporate food items in your diet to ensure sufficient intake of these vitamins. It would lessen possibility of hair loss.

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