Vitamin C Serum is Not The Same Everywhere! Make Sure To Read These Reviews BEFORE You Buy!

All Vitamin C Serums are NOT created equally. Make sure to thoroughly research, read the complete label, and read the reviews BEFORE you buy! Read on for some more guidance before you purchase that spa-quality Vitamin C Serum.

Did you read that many reviews BEFORE you bought her Vitamin C Serum? We sure hope you read a ton!

All Vitamin C Serums are NOT created equally. Be certain you’ve thoroughly researched, read the label completely, and pour over the reviews BEFORE you buy!

1. Research.

Are you trusting in Dr. Oz’s words alone? Sure, many people take more notes on whatever comes from his mouth than on what the preacher-man says – but that doesn’t make either of them godly! Who knows, they could both be wrong, or both be right – or better, not even know how right they are!!

Now about Vitamin C Serum, just lucky or not, Dr. Oz finally really did hit a home run. I’ve tried out a slew of the outlandish things he’s told us to do. Embarassingly, I may well have tried more of the things HE’S suggested, and listened to him more frequently, than perhaps even my good preacher-man But alas these sins have been confessed.

Back to the point, Vitamin C Serum absolutely DOES have some incrediblebenefits for the skin. Now girlies, I don’t mean only the skin of your face. Basically, anywhere there’s a crease, there’s a use for this anti-wrinkle product. Need I say any more. But even if you only used this miracle serum on your face, neck, and decolletage (!? who comes up with these words, a frenchman??) as directed, you’ll certainly be doing yourself a great service. Just ask your looking glass. Or you husband. No, scratch the husband idea, they don’t notice anything. Better to query the looking glass.

There’s just LOTS of great info out there, and some fantastic tutorials. Check out Day by Day Beauty’s Zimbio page for one.

2. Read The Label With Your Eyeballs

Ladies. This isn’t hard – why doesn’t everybody simply do this? Blows my judgemental little mind. Put your eyeballs across the words on the label. If you don’t know at least half of them, it may be a lousy alternative with a lot of needless additives, or you may have failed out of the 5th6th grade. If you don’t know what that string of words means, ask someone smarter like Bing. If your search engine comes back with some verbiage that don’t sound like they should be on your skin, for the love of St. Jude, don’t put it on your face. Or anywhere.


Last thing. This is one of my greatest tricks that helps me stay a lazy bum. READ PEOPLE’S REVIEWS, especially on Amazon, because they are moderated quite well. Read them. If someone else says that junk scorched their face, or turned them red all over, or otherwise disfigured them, you may do well to find some other alternative.

Vitamin C Serums are a dime a dozen, but the great quality ones out there are few and far between.

Seek and ye shall find. I’m not sure if that was Oz or the preacher-man who said thatHealth Fitness Articles, but it’s gospel.

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