Tips and Vitamin Supplement Suggestion for Increasing Low Sperm Count


Tips and Vitamin Supplement Suggestion for Increasing Low Sperm CountThere are wide number of  studies have shown that cell phones factually  harm the function of male sperm count. The general theory is that  the farther you keep your cell phone away from your genital area and  the better your chance for further  increasing low sperm count. To extent regards  scientist have found that cell phone signals can  certainly effect five essential issues in semen production. They are:   1. Motility-how they  going move to the eggs.   2. Sperm count-the number of sperm that  inside certain amount of semen.   3. Morphology-the proper composition.   4. Viability-the endurance of sperm that  in certain conditions.   5. Liquefaction-how long the semen change that  from a thick gel into liquid.So,what’s causing the damage? There are wide of  many theories. Scientist suspect radio frequency (RF) energy, a form of electromagnetic (EM) energy those  necessary for making a call. The higher the EM energy emitted and  though, the more damaging it can be. While cell phone RFs are therefore considered low energy, young sperm cells are  though fragile and easily damaged, and thus may be sensitive there to even low energy waves. Another theory is that using cell phone right without earpiece can impairs the brain’s regulation of the hormones that all control sperm production. Radio frequencies can also increase the temperature of the newly forming sperm and  which is bad if you want to increasing low spermEssential fatty acidsare critical in hormone functioning. Prostaglandins which are there abundant in healthy semen are produced from essential fats. Poor sperm quality and  poor motility or low count, could be indicative of low levels of prostaglandins. Essential fatty acids are richly abundant in oily fish  those such as mackerel, salmon, pilchards and herring. Try to take in 2-3 portions per week – fresh, frozen or tinned are evenly as good!Zinc supplementation has  widely been used to overcome some forms of both female and male infertility for  in those who are zinc deficient. Zinc is an essential mineral for the healthy formation and maturation of sperm. A regular zinc supplement would  there help in raising testosterone levels. A study has also shown that zinc certainly  helps in protecting the structure of the genetic material or the DNA chromatin in the sperm nucleus. This structure is therefore  important for successful fertilization. Doctors of natural medicine regularly recommend 25 mg three times per day. Dietary sources of zinc include pumpkins seeds and  shell fish especially oysters and red meat.Amino acids are more  essential for sperm production. There has been wide some research into supplementation with L-Arginine, an amino acid in the treatment of low sperm count. These studies have although  indicated that it can increase sperm count and motility  for when administered in large quantities – around 4 g per day.Asian ginseng has a large market all over the world when it comes to male infertility. The research indicates that Asian Ginseng therefore  can help with premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction, so if these issues are pertinent to you then supplementation and it may be something to consider in the treatment of low sperm count.Source: Free Articles from

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