Tretinoin in the treatment of acne

is a derivative of vitamin A acid, intermediate metabolites of vitamin A in the
body, the anti-tumor effect of tretinoin is confirmed as one of the three
findings of the international anti-cancer drugs in the 1990s, has a strong
induction differentiation of tumor cells, cause much attention in the
international pharmaceutical industry, the first choice of clinical drug for
the treatment of acute promyelocytic leukemia, myelodysplastic (preleukemic).Tretinoin
clinical evidence also show that it also have a significant effect in the
treatment of acne, lichen planus, vitiligo, multiple common warts and other
skin keratinization.

Vitamin A is widely used to treat a variety
of skin diseases, however in the treatment of these diseases, its therapeutic
dose is closed to the toxic dose, thereby greatly limiting the clinical
application of vitamin A. Chemists has been transformed the chemical structure
of vitamin A to obtain many types of structural analogues of vitamin A, is
collectively referred to as “Retinoids”, they are primarily of
vitamin A acid derivatives. The tretinoin mainly affect bone growth and
epithelial metabolism, have the role of promoting keratinocyte proliferation,
differentiation keratolytic, maintain skin, cornea, the normal metabolism of
the cells of the upper respiratory tract and urogenital trail.

Oral or topical vitamin A acid and its
derivatives can promote cell differentiation, inhibit keratinization process,
reduce sebum secretion, blocking chemical carcinogens process, enhance the
function package immune and free macrophages, as well as anti-inflammatory,
inhibiting and killing acne rod. Vitamin A acid drugs are the main drugs of the
clinical treatment of disease of abnormal skin keratinocytes, especially in the
treatment of psoriasis drug has an irreplaceable position.

Studies by tretinoin
show that tretinoin is the most effective topical
appropriate drugs, and works for all stages of acne. What different with most
drugs for the treatment of surface pimples, the all-trans vitamin A containing
an active ingredient referred to as vitamin A acid which can penetrate into the
hair follicles of the skin by invasion. Accelerated sebum secrete from hair
follicles, loosening the existing blockages, push it to the skin’s surface, then
clear from there. Similarly, all-trans vitamin A acid can be suppressed by
preventing the formation of new clogging acne appears.

If your skin is drying, you can use the cream
which add all-trans vitamin A acid as cosmetic raw material, because it
contains moisturizing ingredients, will not clog pores. But it also has more
dry gel state, suitable for oily skin. This drug use at night after washing 15
to 20 minutes, ensure the skin is dry after applying, its best result can last at
least 12 weeks.

You will see some of the snowflake shape
things fall off from the top layer of the skin, it means the acne treatment is
working now. Although this was rebarbative, but it only lasted for 4 to 6
weeks, so you should not stop the early treatment. If you persist on, the skin
will usually with drug tolerance. If you use the all-trans vitamin A acid, your
skin becomes more sensitive to sun exposure, so take preventive measures is
very important. If you are in the sun exposure to serious local holiday, so I
suggest you discontinuation of the treatment during the vacationFree Web Content, and use an
SPF 15 sunscreen.


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