Sevenseas Seacod meets the required vitamin a needs

It is essentially a group of
composites which is soluble in fat and is responsible for healthy
vision, cell reproduction and growth. It supports in the generation of
leucocytes and in the process shields the inner lining of the lungs and
the intestinal tract. It also keeps the immune system at work. Vitamin A
is a fat-soluble vitamin that is necessary to maintaining good overall
health. A deficiency of vitamin A can lead to a number of health
complications, ranging from mild to severe infirmities. As a matter of
fact, aninadequacy of vitamin A is the most common cause of blindness
across the globe. In order to maintain healthy vision, proper bone
growth, healthy reproduction, and normal cell division and
differentiation, individuals must consume the recommended daily values
of vitamin A. This important vitamin is also needed for many of the
body’s repairs functions, such as maintaining the surface linings of the
intestinal tracts, eyes, and respiratory and urinary tracts. Vitamin A
is also a combatant vitamin, meaning that it aids the immune system in
fighting and preventing infections.

Vitamin A is of 2 types;
Preformed Vitamin A – it is absorbed in the body by the direct intake of
meat and eggs and Carotenoids – they are present in fruits and
vegetables and the body converts them into retinol as they cannot be
absorbed directly. Beta-carotene is a very important form of carotenoid
which can prevent even fatal diseases like cancer. Vitamin A deficiency
is not that common because adults generally have a reserved store of
this vitamin. It is stored in the liver and other fatty parts of the
body. Its deficiency may cause hair loss, bone abnormalities, retarded
growth, hyperkeratosis, susceptibility to viral infections, night
blindness etc. Vitamin A deficiency can also trigger itchiness and
dryness in the eyes, cornea shriveling, cornea ulceration, and the onset
of Bitot’s spots in the eyes. Bitot’s spots are tiny floating gray
circles that show up in the white area of the eyes. Vitamin A deficiency
is nothing to mess around with. Although it is true that many of the
early signs of a deficiency are treatable and reversible through vitamin
A treatment, severe symptoms like blindness and tissue death are
permanent and cannot be aided by increased vitamin A intake.

in today’s date one may not need to worry about vitamin deficiency.
There are ample vitamin supplements available in the market to meet the
need of a person. One particular supplement is however very talked about
is the Sevenseas Seacod capsules. Sevenseas Seacod is an age-old
supplement that has been passed down from one generation to another
because of its incredible health building properties. Naturally abundant
in Omega-3 and Vitamins, Sevenseas Seacod provides complete health for
your family! Scientific research proves that this product is a trusted
natural source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids, which continue to benefit growing
children, and the entire family. Sevenseas Seacod is even a vitamin a source.

Seacod capsules are made with natural substances and are hence fit for
consumption by people of all ages, including growing children and
teenagers. Pregnant women can also take Seacod after consulting their
physicians as expectant mothers should enhance their Omega-3 Fatty Acids
intake to ensure proper development of their baby and to reduce the
chances of birth defects and other complications. Sevenseas Seacod is
also the perfect supplement for Vitamin AArticle Search, it accomplishes the necessary
margin for a Vitamin a source.

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