The vitamin A have new efficacy

But in recent years, tretinoin manufacturer found that vitamin A also has a special role in the prevention and treatment of various diseases.

Prevention of cancer, as a precursor of vitamin A, beta carotene with a strong antioxidant and have the role of eliminating free radicals, is a good anti-cancer substances. A large number of research results confirm that ²-carotene can effectively delay, reduce or block the malignant process in early cancer, can effectively reduce the incidence of lung cancer, stomach cancer, breast cancer and other malignancies. Experimental results show that long-term smokers is high-risk groups of lung cancer, the body of vitamin A content was significantly lower than normal person. The researchers agreed that this substance preventive medicine has entered a new era of cancer.

Treatment of cancer, retinoic acid is a natural form of vitamin A derivatives, collectively, in recent years, with retinoic acid treatment of advanced cancer and progressive precancerous lesions achieved good results. Even more encouraging, highlighting the efficacy of treatment of leukemia with retinoic acid induction of differentiation, which is considered to be a major breakthrough in leukemia treatment. Compared with traditional chemotherapy, the biggest advantage is that patients with well tolerated and it has few side effects.

As a cosmetic raw material, it can use to treat skin diseases, retinoic acid compounds can induce epithelial cell proliferation and updates, also have a strong inhibitory effect on sebaceous glands secrete, so have a good effect on acne, psoriasis, keratosis follicularis psychosis.

Promote wound healing, vitamin A promote the growth of mucopolysaccharides and collagen fibers function, it can promote wound healing, especially have significant effect for long-term use of anti-inflammatory drug-induced wounds healing slowly, and also prevent peptic ulcer bleeding.

There are so many benefits of vitamin A, then how to ingest it? For humankind, vitamin A should intake from food, and vitamin A in food mainly exists in two forms. One is a fat-soluble vitamin A precursors from the liver, eggs and dairy products such as animal food, its main ingredient is retinol. Contain natural vitamin A capsules currently on the market sold retinol, also does not contain ²-carotene, but the vitamin A acetate, must be in the human body after the hydrolysis can be converted to retinol functions. Therefore, oral supplementation with vitamin A capsules must be under the guidance of a doctor, if long-term careless over-taking will form the accumulation of poisoning, can cause nausea, anorexia, rash hair loss and increased intracranial pressure, such as hepatosplenomegaly.

Another exists forms of vitamin A is a water-soluble vitamin precursors, which are the increasingly optimistic beta carotene. ²-carotene is widely found in green vegetables, such as spinach, celery, peppers, can be converted to retinol in the intestinal tract and have much effects, it is a safe, non-toxicFeature Articles, easily absorbed natural compounds.


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