Brief introduction of biotin

Biotin also called biocytin, it is the carrier of carboxyl groups in the carboxylation reaction of many ATP. Animals lack of biotin can cause skin diseases and hair removal. Egg proteins contain biotin and avidin protein closely. So if you are eating a lot of raw eggs, can impede the absorption of biotin, so as to cause biotin deficiency. In normal cases, intestinal bacterial synthesis of biotin adequate human needs, symptoms of biotin deficiency does not occur.

Biotin is a water soluble sulfur-containing b vitamins, is related to the carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism, Coenzyme a, also known as Coenzyme r. Biotin is a urea-based ring contains a sulfur atom and a valeric acid side chain, now known to have 8 types of isomers, only naturally occurring ±-biotin, and biological activity. Biotin is a colorless acicular Crystal, easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in water, soluble in alcohol, but insoluble in organic solvents. On thermal stability, General cooking to be significant, strong acid, alkali and oxidizer can make their destructive, ultraviolet rays can also make its progressive destruction. Biotin in the body stored mainly in liver, concentration in the blood is low.

Biotin is of every living cell contain trace amounts of growth factors, is important for fat metabolism and carboxylation reaction Coenzyme is to maintain normal growth and development, essential for maintaining healthy skin and bone marrow of a nutrient. Research report by biotin manufacturer noted that biotin to treat baldness due to lack of biotin, improve the disadvantages of poor hair breakage, hair.

In 1901, Wildiers found a substance is required for yeast growth, he called this substance as “bioi”. In 1933 when studying the growth of rhizobia isolated from beans, such as Allison, from which the isolation of a nitrogen-fixing bacteria, is named “Coenzyme r”. In 1937, Hungary scientist Gyorgy discovered a substance to prevent adverse effects caused by egg white, this substance named vitamin h. 1940 Gyorgy and his colleagues through experimental research confirm that Coenzyme r, biotin, vitamin h, bioi are of the same substance, and to prove that a nutrient biotin is essential in mammals. In 1942, Vigneaud made the chemical structure of biotin. It is synthesized by biotin supplier in 1943.

Food mainly in the form of free biotin exists or in conjunction with protein. And protein binding of biotin in under the effect of protease, forming biocytin, biotin by intestinal enzymes, free biotin release. Biotin near end of the main part is absorbed by the small intestine. When low concentrations, absorbed by the carrier-mediated transport initiative; when the concentration is high. Is absorbed by simple diffusion. Absorption of biotin through the portal circulation, transported to storage within the liver, kidney, other cells that contain biotin, but less. Human intestinal bacteria can be from two replaced heptanoic acid nonanoic acid synthesis of biotin, but as the direct source of biotin is not enough. Biotin in the body primarily through urine discharge, breast discharge in biotinArticle Submission, but the amount is very small.


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