Liquid Vitamins and Minerals vs. Vitamin Supplement Pills

Vitamins are an organic substance (such as fruits) used to boast one’s health. Liquid vitamins and minerals are the same thing, but instead of eating fruits and vegetables for vitamins, these can be store-bought and contain the vitamins from fruits and vegetables. The other option for taking vitamins is in a pill. The transition of vitamin supplement pills to liquid vitamins and minerals is taking place; more and more people are switching to liquid vitamins and minerals.

Because liquid vitamins and minerals have much higher absorption rates than vitamin supplement pills, they work faster than the pills, but not necessarily better. Some companies produce vitamin supplement pills that are packed too densely, causing users to not absorb all the vitamins in the pill. Other liquid vitamin and mineral producers add water to their vitamin products, causing customers to pay more than it is worth, and not get the full amount of vitamins needed.

Liquid vitamins and minerals have these qualities that vitamin supplement pills have:

1. Gives you better health. Vitamins are needed in order to live healthily and to be happy. Note: Not all vitamins can be taken at all ages.

2. Enhance strength and immune system. Eating fruits and vegetables also have these effects, but it is said that vegetables nowadays do not have as much vitamins and minerals as they did in the 1800’s.

3. Provide more energy needed for sports and endurance. Athletes need more vitamins than office workers because they need more energy to play their sport. Liquid vitamins and minerals are usually preferred.

4. Provide more energy for late-night workers. There are all kinds of jobs out there, and some jobs last or start very late. Vitamins provide the energy needed for that day and the next day.

5. Help cure eating disorders. Eating disorders occur because of the lack of vitamins. Taking liquid vitamins and minerals or vitamin supplement pills help cure them.

There are, however, some qualities that liquid vitamins and minerals have that vitamin supplement pills do not:

1. Effects are seen faster. While vitamin supplement pills produce effects in two to three months, liquid vitamins and minerals can produce the same effects in one to two weeks. This can be an advantage to people who need vitamins right away.

2. Effects can be maximized. Some liquid vitamin and mineral firms produce vitamins with maximized effects which are delivered to the body cells and are rich in proteins.

3. Easier to take. Vitamin supplement pills require you to pop the pill and take. Liquid vitamins and minerals are liquid, so you are not required to go through any popping of pills.

4. Better in taste. Most liquid vitamins and minerals are better in taste than vitamin supplement pills, and if the vitamins are expected to cure an illness, it is easier to soothe the patient into taking the vitamins.

Liquid vitamins and minerals are generally better than vitamin supplement pills, but the liquid vitamins have a bigger chance to be fraud (i.e. adding water to existing liquid)Business Management Articles, so it is your choice to take the chance or not.

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