Tretinoin cure acne

But the tretinoin have
a strong pharmacological properties, the topical retinoids can improve aging
skin due to the sun. Tretinoin on a variety of skin conditions have significant
efficacy such as acne, ichthyosis, pityriasis rubra pilaris, usual warts, etc,
can be used as an auxiliary of psoriasis therapy. Can eliminate little
wrinkles, reduce skin roughness, pigmentation reduction, make the skin becomes

Tretinoin is an intermediate product of the
metabolism of vitamin A, and vitamin A in vivo formation of alcohol metabolism
into Vitamin A aldehyde, and then further into tretinoin, but methanol and Vitamin
A aldehyde can metabolic transformation each other, and tretinoin could not
reduction of the vitamin A aldehyde or alcohol.

While using the tretinoin should avoid the
fold parts of the thinner skin, and note that the concentration should not be
too high, in order to avoid the violent expansion of the skin and blood vessels
caused by the reaction of erythema, scaling, burning sensation. Local
irritation of mild erythema, peeling, burning sensation and mild slight pain is
a normal reaction in the course of treatment, you should stick with, then you
can achieve better efficacy. These severe reactions will soon be eliminated
after stop using. Smear oily skin care products can make eased those symptoms.

Tretinoin and vitamin A is a class of
compounds that can be transformed into each other in the body. Vitamin A has
been considered to be vitamins, but now there is a new view that its role is
similar to hormones! Vitamin A enter into the skin, transformed into tretinoin
by a specific enzyme, through a combination of six cells A acid receptor,
produce a myriad of physiological role, it is estimated that they have dozens,
which use the surface of the skin can be confirmed following effects:
anti-inflammatory response, regulating the growth and differentiation of
epidermal cells, promote collagen production, improve sebaceous gland function,
reversing light aging inhibit melanin production, promote thickening of the
dermis layer.

In addition, tretinoin has a certain effect
on the whitening, is a common cosmetic raw material, but the effect is
not strong and relatively slow. The sooner the skin use tretinoin, the better
effect you can get. There is no aging phenomenon.

Although tretinoin can not remove wrinkles,
but can greatly improve the state of health of the skin, skin cells are with tretinoin
receptor, after tretinoin and receptor binding, the skin cells will adopt a
more healthy behavior, tretinoin plays an important role in the skin growth and
formation and skin cells healthy shape and behavior, can normally update, aging
which caused by UV damage also can be improved. However, stop using tretinoin,
acid and salicylic acid, the skin will be restored like before, how long you
use it, the delicate skin will maintain for how long, which is the part of the
investigators do not believe the acid, salicylic acid, and A acid can improve
skin deeply.

remain that topical retinoids and
acid or salicylic acid use together should be especially careful: 1. Use tretinoin,
acid and salicylic acid, should avoid the sun, after using these products, the
outer layer of aging skin cells fall off, healthy skin cells will be directly
exposed to the sun, it more likely to cause UV damage, and the effect of these
products will be offset by the sun. 2. Tretinoin is the same as acid, salicylic
acid, will stimulate the skin to skin contact with other irritants, will
increase the side effects of skin irritation, and the first few months of using
these products, do not use skin care products, also do not use cleansing brush,
clay or peeling-mask, soap and scented skin care products. 3 it must be used
for a period of time, tretinoin, acid or salicylic acid will work, if you want
the effect lasts, you must continue to use, their effect is not permanent, once
stop using it, the skin will be returned to the state of before.


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