When to choose hair loss treatment done at hair transplant clinic in Delhi?

New Research says that vitamin D is helpful for hair growth. Deficiency of iron and vitamin B12 also may cause the problem.

Hair is made of the protein called keratin. It grows everywhere on the skin except on palm and soles of feet. Keratin produces in hair follicles in the outer layer of skin. The hair we actually see is the string of dead keratin cells. In an average, the adult loses 100 of them a day. With the age of people, the growth of hair slows. Hair loss treatment is the ultimate solution done in Hair transplant clinic in Delhi. Hair loss is also called Alopecia.

Who provides hair loss treatment?

A dermatologist or skin specialist who has advanced knowledge about skin, hair, nails who provides a diagnosis of hair treatment and loss. Sometimes you are asked to scalp biopsies.

Causes of Hair loss

Types of Alopecia

Treatment for hair loss

There are very few scientifically proven and FDA proven treatment are introduced to common people. There are many unproven claims of the product are available in the market. Shampoos, vitamins and other products claim to help hair grow like a magic. They are usually harmless but none effective as it is not proved scientifically. There are medicines like monoxide and Prophecies which is for long-term use to grow hair.

Other options are surgery or hair transplants. With the advancement of medical science, Hair Transplant clinic in Delhi used the process which is greatly improved. They can produce a natural look. Micro graft is one of the latest techniques, where single one or two hair follicles are transplanted, though it is costly but effective.

Vitamins and home remedies that are good for hair loss

Home remedies like applying garlic, onion juice, coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, pumpkin oil will help to grow hair. These are just anecdotal evidence.

How to prevent it?

Good Hair Hygiene with regular shampooing is the basic step to prevent it. Good nutrition especially adequate level of iron and vitamin B is also helpful.

In this eraBusiness Management Articles, hair loss is very common for all. It affects most people at some time in their lives.  If it is evident prematurely then you should for hair loss treatment. It will help you to get some permanent solution to this problem. Trained professionals will treat you with care.

Hair Transplant clinic in Delhi provides to you with modern hair loss treatment which will provide you find a way for a generation of hair growth.

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