The reason for the lack of biotin and the influence and treatment methods

This kind of the serious
shortage of nutrients can lead to the immune system, skin, nails and hair
problems. Biotin especially very important for nail and skin health, its
nutrition supplements form is often used to treat hair loss. Although eat some
food that contain rich biotin may help prevent lacking , but in some cases can
only rely on the help of dietary supplements.

What is biotin deficiency? According to the
report of biotin
provides, the researchers were accidentally discovered
biotin in 1940. When they discovered that the chicken’s hair around the eyes
were losing, and after feeding raw egg white it development into skin allergy. Some
later researches found that some of the same case chicken feed yolk, the symptoms
disappear completely. Scientists were found in egg white have a something called
avidin special protein, it can prevent biotin absorbed by the body. In
addition, also found that the yolk contain biotin is extremely high.

Some American health agencies have
suggested that daily biotin intake is 300 micrograms of, so for most people,
the possibility of lack of biotin is very small. But taking anticonvulsants, as
well as the long-term use of antibiotics are having larger risk of lack of
biotin. In addition, the people who have a large number of consumption of raw
egg white is also easy to appear the problem of lack of biotin.

Although most healthy person is unlikely to
be lack of, but the study pointed out that pregnant women is more common to lack
of this kind of nutrients from the situation, they should be treated with
caution. A few years ago, published in the American journal of nutrition of a
research report pointed out that about 50% of the pregnant women may appear the
problem of lack of biotin. And the nutrient deficiency and may also increase
the risk of baby birth defects. The study also pointed out that eat a daily
dose of 300 micrograms of biotin supplements continuous 14 days can correct

Foods contains biotin, what kind of foods rich
in biotin including yolk, animal liver, whole grains, and beer yeast, rice,
milk, and carrots, broccoli and mushrooms, and so on. Intestinal bacteria in
normal circumstances can also produce some of this vitamin. What we should pay
attention to is that although this vitamin stand heat, light and oxygen ability
is relatively strong, but the acid environment is easy to change its nature.

Some doctors claimed that biotin can treat
hair loss, and suggested daily use of 8-10 micrograms of this kind of nutrition
supplements to promote new hair growth. In addition, biotin also has good cosmetic
effect, can be used as cosmetic raw material, can keep skin
tender, nails beautiful and so on. Also can improve the blood circulation of
the blood vessels in the skin rate, at 0.1% ~ 1.0% of the concentration range,
easy to mix oil phase in the formula. It can be used in skin cream, sports
liquid medicine, feet with plant, shave liquidComputer Technology Articles, shampoo and so on.


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