Canada Drugs Supplement Vitamin D in Helping Most COPD Patients

According to a new study, vitamin D
supplements don’t seem to help most patients suffering from chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease (COPD); that is why 
Canadian prescriptions  are introduced for better and faster results. 

“There are studies showing that
patients with vitamin D deficiency are more susceptible to different
inflammatory, infectious and autoimmune diseases, and most likely COPD,”
said lead investigator Dr. Wim Janssens, from the respiratory division at
University Hospital Gasthuisberg in Leuven. 

“Vitamin D restoration to normal
levels in COPD patients does not reduce the number of exacerbations, does not
reduce the infections and inflammation,” Janssens said. 

However, it had an effect on patients
with the lowest vitamin D levels, he said. “These patients had benefit
from supplementation in terms of exacerbations,” he said. 

“But this does not allow us to
conclude that we need to give all COPD patients these high doses of vitamin D;
it just strengthens us in the idea that severe deficiency many enhance
inflammation in COPD,” Janssens said. 
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effective COPD treatment. 

“New studies are needed to
confirm what we found,” he added. 

Dr. Diane Gold, a professor of
medicine at Harvard Medical School and a professor of environmental health at
the Harvard School of Public Health, is the co-author of an accompanying
journal editorial. She said that “COPD ranks in the top 10 causes of
morbidity and mortality in the United States.” 

This study “does not
definitively refute the benefit of vitamin D supplements for reducing COPD
exacerbations,” Gold said. 

“Variability in the underlying
disease and genetics are likely to modify the respiratory responses to vitamin
D supplementation in people with COPD,” she added. 

Another expert, Dr. Michael Holick, a
professor of medicine, physiology and biophysics at Boston University School of
Medicine, said he is not surprised some patients benefited from vitamin D. 

“There is evidence that vitamin
D deficiency exacerbates asthma and lung function,” he said.  Hence, it is suggested to take preventive
measures before things get worse, to 
buy Alimta  to treat lung cancer perhaps. 

“We know vitamin D has an impact
on reducing inflammatory activity and fighting infections, all of which are
chronic problems in patients with COPDScience Articles,” Holick said.

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