How to live a healthy life during LOCKDOWN?

How to live a healthy life during LOCKDOWN?

With all of the nation in lockdown due to COVID-19, keeping healthy physically and mentally is more vital than ever.

Because you’re not used to being at home each day, unexpectedly discovering yourself restricted to your house for several weeks can seem overwhelming. But, it’s doable with a little preparation, compassion, and awareness.

Recollect that almost everyone is in the same circumstance and this will not last long. while it does, we’ll all have to become a little more innovative about aspects like fitness and keeping in contact with each other.

Here are our top 7 tips for staying healthy while in self-isolation:

Hang on to a regimen

Plan a routine, and adhere to it. Having structure in your day will give you a sense of stability and tranquillity. For starters, get up and go to bed at the same time as you will usually have your meals at the same time. Make sure that you get a reasonable amount of sleep. Schedule various activities for your weekend or day off so that you can take a break from your routine, as you would usually.

That mandatory dose of fresh air

Go for a jog outside-it ‘s good for your overall health. Again, work it into your schedule and so that you do it everyday. Moving out of the apartment will yield a better feeling

Follow a balanced diet

dTo stay healthy, make sure you getose  of fruit and vegetables. Evite unwanted munching that is easy when you’re at home. Hold your eating habits as similar to what you normally should be doing. At this time, drinking alcohol is potentially dangerous so keep standard drinking advice and find other ways to relieve stress.

Workout indoors daily

Set aside time to work out indoors.  This could be spinning, lifts, dancing or several other workout forms. There’s also a wonderful time getting stuck in the garden, mowing the lawns, cleaning the house and trimming the hedge. 

Have a digital break

Although staying digitally connected is crucial, make sure that you have a rest from it and balance your usage. Plan times to be connected digitally, and times when you switch to “do not disturb” and become fully present in your bubble life.


Meditation is proven to have many mental and physical benefits. As does practising mindfulness. They are both free to do and will improve your health and help you stay calm and centred.

Seek medical attention if needed

If you feel unwell and need to see a doctor or you suspect you have COVID-19, then phone your GP to make an appointment or phone the dedicated Coronavirus Healthline on 0800 358 5453 for advice. Medical facilities, pharmacies, vets, supermarkets and other essential services are still open.

Healthy balance of news

It’s enticing to continue to check all the newest COVID-19 updates but don’t let it control your life. Keep yourself aware but also have a break from the continual knowledge flow. Have set times for you to look at the news

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