Lemon Juice Diet for Simple Hassle Free Detoxification

You can’t
change your life and your health in just 24 hours, but you can start down the
path to freedom from infection, freedom from allergies, sleeping well, and even
losing weight. And if you can’t do everything, I suggest for the lemon juice
detox diet, you will feel so good at the end of this cleanse that you will want
to stay on the diet to constantly improve your health

Most detoxification programs
are about subtracting the foods you know and love out of your diet. This
detoxification is about adding the power of lemon juice and water to your daily

We tend to think of the liver
as our detoxifying organ. But the fact is the liver is also a pretoxifying
organ. Many environmental pollutants only become toxic after the liver
chemically alters them into an active form. The toxins in cigarette smoke, the
toxins found in solvents and cleaning agents, and many of the toxins in air
pollution only attack the body after the liver alters their chemical structure.
During detoxification, compounds in the lemon juice help keep the liver
“busy” so it cannot create toxins. It assists in redirecting the
liver’s chemical pathways toward neutralizing toxins.

Lemon juice also has an
anti-allergy effect. This is because it has a potent source of a plant compound
called quercetin. The quercetin gets into your system in about 20
minutes and stays in circulation for about a day. If you consume it daily, you
will get the anti-allergy benefits of lemon juice all day and all night long.
Over a period of a few weeks to a few months, you will begin to notice that you
don’t get as many colds or flu. Even in one day, however, you should sneeze
less. Your skin should be clearer. You should have fewer headaches. You should
be able to sleep and awake refreshed.

Another important aspect of
the lemon juice diet is in helping your body stand up to the damage caused by
acid producing food like processed meat, salted food or cheese. High acidity
food causes our urine to become acidic, and an acidic environment is exactly
what some kinds of disease-causing bacteria and yeasts need to flourish. Daily
consumption of lemon juice counteracts the formation of acid and makes the
bladder and urinary tract less hospitable to infectious microorganisms. Every
time you consume lemon you help bring your body’s pH to a healthy, slightly
alkaline level that enhances your resistance to disease.

The lemon juice detox diet
is easy, it is built around tasty everyday foods, it is a diet you can follow
for a long time. The diet is no fad. And there is also something the diet is
not. It is not a calorie-counting plan. In factArticle Submission, there is nothing to count at

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