Get The Perfect Healthy Lifestyle

Up and until very recently I was someone who would read just about everything I could find on health. Most people who know me would probably have said I was a health freak. It’s very easy to become obsessive in an area of your life once you have been obsessive an another and that was me because after being as fat as I was and then losing the weight, I wanted to stay that way.

I suppose I became a bit of an expert after reading all those articles on health, from all the standard diets to the crazy ones as well as items informing you how to extend your life. Articles on health just get on my nerves now because I can see them for what they are; designed to confuse the reader, contradicting what they say like clockwork. One day, soon type of food, such as soy, is good for you, and the next day an article on health says that increases food allergens and promotes the development of female hormones in males. I swear, all I want is to find the perfect diet, the perfect exercise routine, and the perfect lifestyle to keep myself as healthy as I can for as long as I possibly can.

The problem on the perfect lifestyle was worse for me because I just kept reading the contradictions. Now take coffee, alcohol and chocolate, three great American favorites, which were considered detrimental to your health, until recently, that is. The experts that told us not so long ago that these things were bad for us are now saying the complete opposite, for instance red wine is good for the heart and dark chocolate can be good for stress, dark beer or Guinness is also as is coffee but all, I hasten to add in moderation. I can see that very soon these same experts will tell us to forget everything they have told us about our cholesterol levels and to start consuming cake, fast foods and ice cream again.

For me, I’ve had it with all the advice these magazines and their so called health specialists say, so as far as I’m concernedFeature Articles, I will take full responsibility for my health in future. I am not going to stop reading articles on health because I still enjoy them but I do not intent to let them dictate how I should live my life. If I just read the exercise sections and the odd information on nutrition and let my body tell me what it needs then I can’t go wrong.
I think what it all boils down to is me doing what is in my best interest and what feels correct to me and hopefully I’ll be able to live a happier more productive life.

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