Are You A Crash Dieter Or A Healthy Lifestyle Changer?

Choosing between SEO Services & Pay per Click (PPC) is a bit like choosing whether you’re after a quick diet that will produce quick results but as soon as you stop dieting you’re back where you were or a healthy long term eating plan. You can’t see the results straight away but the in the long term the weight can be kept off.

Pay per Click is expensive but you can stop and start the campaign and with the right PPC strategy and execution you can seem immediate traffic to your site. Website Optimisation on the other hand needs a long term strategy, combining changes in the site structure, content and link building and constant activity. Whilst the results are not instant and need at least three months in most markets, they will bring long term rewards to any business who are committed and patient. Once the website is ranking well the results can be sustained with a minimum of cost compared to PPC.

Like most approaches to marketing a fusion of PPC and SEO Optimisation is often best. Use PPC at the start of your SEO campaign when it is too early to see organic search engine optimisation results. Like a quick diet this can be very motivating once a new website is launched. This will help bring activity and visitors to the site and you can also start to test the conversion rate of target keywords. As the SEO campaign results start to kick in you can stop the PPC campaign, and rely on the traffic from a long term SEO strategy.

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