Cooking Products for Eating Better with LESS FAT!

This is a mini guide to help you eat better, giving you some insider tips on getting that healthy lifestyle. This is not just about food but also about the way you cook.

Firstly the tools of the trade. We love the new cast iron range from Berghoff as stocked by This range is lightweight and contains an advanced non stick coating; not only preventing your food from getting stuck or burnt on but also preventing the need for non essential fats. We recommend 4 pans for your kitchen; grill pan, saute pan 18cm, Wok and deep saucepan. The range is light weight and has detachable handles which means you can put the item in the oven easily. We were amazed that in just a few moments in the washing bowl the pans were clean!

Top tip during cooking is to have some kitchen roll/paper on hand, you can use this to gently mop up those non essential oils released during cooking to make your food healthier and get rid of those non essential calories.

Top foods to cook in your Grill/Saute Pan – no oil or fats needed!

Top foods to cook in your Wok – no oil or fats needed unless adding as a flavour
Woks aren’t just for stir fry, why not use it to cook a curry or thai food? the dish is perfect to serve at a dinner table.
Consider the following for a healthier change;

And that about wraps it up! Berghoff pans and a little care mean FAR less calories in your foodFeature Articles, effortlessly!

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