The Problems Of The Perfect Healthy Lifestyle

To say that I was an article on health nut would be an understatement but today I try not read anything health related at all. If you’re not careful, your start realizing your friends are avoiding you because you bore them silly about being healthy. It’s probably easy to understand because I was hugely overweight and after losing it and getting as shape back then perhaps you can understand why someone becomes obsessed with staying that way.

I felt I had to read every article on health I could find so I wouldn’t miss out on any new diet or exercise regime or healthy supplement I should have. Articles on health just get on my nerves now because I can see them for what they are; designed to confuse the reader, contradicting what they say like clockwork. One day, soon type of food, such as soy, is good for you, and the next day an article on health says that increases food allergens and promotes the development of female hormones in males. I swear, all I want is to find the perfect diet, the perfect exercise routine, and the perfect lifestyle to keep myself as healthy as I can for as long as I possibly can.

The problem on the perfect lifestyle was worse for me because I just kept reading the contradictions. Now take coffee, alcohol and chocolate, three great American favorites, which were considered detrimental to your health, until recently, that is. It now turns out that red wine is good for you as well as dark beer, dark chocolate and coffee, all of which are quite good for you in moderation. Well, you know that next they will be saying that if you want a low cholesterol diet you had better consume quantities of your favorite ice cream and cheesecake.

It has taken me a long time but in future, I will look after my own interests, be the judge of what I will and will not eat and ignore what these people say. Of course it won’t stop me reading articles on health but in future I will decide how much of it I take notice of. Still, I don’t doubt that reading the odd article on health will be worthwhile because I can pick up some good exercise tips and how to eat a balanced diet, the rest will be up to me. It all comes down to this; I need to do what feels right for me, so If I can do this, I can live a healthier, happierPsychology Articles, and longer life.

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