How To Maintain Healthy Blood Pressure Levels By Changing Lifestyle


To maintain healthy blood pressure levels is very important because of its effects on overall functioning of the organs, and it is also essential for the wellbeing. Moreover, taking a blood pressure reading is painless, and easy. Furthermore, a doctor wraps a cuff around the arm and, inflates it and deflates it to determine the force of the circulating blood in the body.Besides, there are two numbers in a BP reading that indicates the force of blood upon entry and exit from the heart. And, these two numbers are termed systolic and diastolic, respectively. In addition, the doctors write these two numbers as a fraction in which, number on the top will determine the systolic pressure, and number in the bottom will determine the diastolic pressure. Moreover, the normal systolic and diastolic reading will be 120/80. In addition, if the reading is more than the normal, it is considered as hypertension, which can badly affect the overall health of the body. There are many ways to maintain healthy blood pressure levels but, only important tips are mentioned ahead that can effectively control the force of the circulating blood in the body. 1. It is important to quit smoking to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Moreover, there is a compound Nicotine in the tobacco that affects the arteries. In addition, it can thicken the walls of arteries and veins due to which many ailments may occur, for instance heart condition. Also, it affects the lungs due to which, lung’s capacity to collect oxygen decreases. Furthermore, excessive smoking also intoxicates the bloodstream. 2. People who need to maintain healthy BP levels must stop drinking alcohol. Moreover, alcohol interferes with the functioning of the organs, especially brain. In addition, it also affects the circulation of blood. Besides, it can minimize the body’s capability to excrete waste products and toxins, which can affect the circulation of blood.  3. People who are obese must lose some weight to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Moreover, by maintaining weight according to you height and age is of utmost importance. On the other hand, being both, overweight or underweight may lead to many ailments by disturbing the blood circulation. 4. The biggest tool to maintain healthy blood pressure levels is healthy diet. Moreover, including various fruits, nuts, and green leafy vegetables in the diet will prove to be beneficial. Also, include wholegrain in the diet to regulate the force of the blood. 5. Exercising for at least 30 minutes on regular basis is of utmost importance, since it is essential to workout to maintain healthy blood pressure levels. Also, avoid sedentary lifestyle to keep the body fit. In addition, exercise will strengthen the organs of the body which is important for long life.  In conclusion, it is quite easy to maintain healthy blood pressure levels by changing the lifestyle and eating habits. But, amongst everything, it is important to live an active life. Besides, the mentioned tips are useful in regulating the blood pressure as well as to live a healthy life without getting bothered by any diseases.

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