How Prostatic Problems Affect Sexual Function

Prostate problems can have quite a significant effect, whether direct or not, on the sexual function of the individual. The key to solving sexual issues is to determine physical or psychological causes of the erectile dysfunction or other problem and find the most appropriate medication for your case. However, pills are not everything, and lifestyle changes should be made as well. If you want to be healthy, then exercising, getting regular urology checkups and eating healthy foods is a must.

Prostate problems, which most commonly include its enlargement, affect the lives of many men on a regular basis. Common symptoms include weak urine stream, frequent trips to the bathroom, difficulties starting and stopping urination, thus making the life a lot more complicated than it should be.

Besides these uncomfortable symptoms, the problems with prostate affect sexual function. Such issues, including benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), are often accompanied by the reduction of libido and sexual potency, difficulties in keeping an erection, thus leading to sexual dissatisfaction. Moreover, psychological problems, which may occur as a reaction to the symptoms, can become the trigger for the development of erectile dysfunction. When we talk about prostate cancer, its treatment or surgery for removal of the prostate gland can also result in having erectile dysfunction, even though the prostate cancer in itself does not cause this issue.  

How to improve sexual function when dealing with prostate problems?

The first step is obviously to consult a urologist to get the most comprehensive information on your particular issue and get exactly the drugs that you need. There exist a variety of different erectile dysfunction medications, which should be prescribed depending on the severity of your condition. Also, if you choose to buy ED drugs online, make sure to order the pills from a reliable source and read customers’ reviews on the website.

A lot of ED drugs can be taken while treating BPH as they can improve the symptoms of the hyperplasia. The right dosage and combination with other drugs should be decided upon by your medical advisor. The majority of men who have gone through prostate surgery respond well to the use of erectile dysfunction medications. Erectile dysfunction as a result of hormone therapy used in the treatment of prostate cancer is not as efficiently treated with such drugs so that it may require a different approach.

Many issues connected to sexual function and prostate problems have a psychological ground and need to be addressed appropriately because ED medications are not effective in this case. Depression and anxiety that can develop through having prostate problems should be dealt with in addition to actual treatment of the prostate.

Another important factor in improving sexual function, besides medication, is having a healthy diet without fatty and processed foods. Regular exercises also contribute to the overall improvement of healthBusiness Management Articles, including sexual performance.

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